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When I joined back in May, from my FB timeline, I shared it and ask others to join. When I first shared it I had 809 now have 357, oh well?

Sheannutt 9 Aug 15

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Yes, you find out who your real friends are.


They weren't friends. 🙂


Look on the bright side, you still have 5 times as many friends as I have and a few of them I've never met.


I am the one who defriended and blocked all my childhood white evangelical friends who started posting hate memes during the 2016 election.

I soon found that many of my relatives and even close relatives and siblings were Trumpites as well, so I blocked them also.

I also kept posting announcements on Facebook that anyone who supports Trump should defriend me immediately to save me the trouble, as I don't want to be friends with such a person.

I also posted ads, and made many agnostic announcements.


Thats humbling and says mountains.


I remove overly zealous friends . You won't have to do even that . Congratulations , you've found an easier way !


That's OK, got 45000 potential friends here lol


Not worth your precious time then.

@Sheannutt See ? YOu didn't need them anyhow !

@Sheannutt People can turn so quickly!

@Sheannutt I've found believers can turn in a heartbeat.

@rogueflyer Exactly!

@Sheannutt Rude, crude, arrogant, self-righteous, who think they belong on pedestals.

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