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If you could live anywhere in the world except your homeland, where would that be?

hankster 9 Jan 15

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Somewhere in paradise or Heaven..hahahaha or i wanna live in Hell with my friend Satan..but i don't even know where those heck place are.. Im so Sad


I am an american and i spent a decade in japan, but if i could live anywhere in the world right now, i might choose france. ideally i'd like to have my own island, something temperate, but that's not going to happen!



Still haven’t seen most of the world....but outside the US, my first pick would still probably end up being in North America: Vancouver/environs.


Florence. The epicentre of the Renaissnce


Japan or Australia.


Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, austria, Belgium...just far away from the US. If I thought I could do it I'd move north to Canada and thumb my nose the 'States. Living standards, outlook of all those other places far outdo the US. Wish I'd seriously thought of moving years ago.


Sweden sounds good but I ma living somewhere that isn't my homeland -Northern ireland.


Lots of good plastic surgeons in Venezuela, and, Colombia. I did some research.


Iceland is beautiful and interesting country. New Zealand sounds nice.


Any guy that did not answer the playboy mansion is full of poop! (Regardless of homeland stipulation)

Or full of class? Not all guys are solely focused on the southern region. 😉

@VictoriaNotes can be full of class and full of poop too!
Yeah... some are focused on the northern mountains... and/or articles...

New Zealand, to live in the Shire and live like a hobbit.
@VictoriaNotes there... happy now?


The Harfoots, Stoors, or Fallohides?

@VictoriaNotes Harfoots, of course.

@HeyHiHullo Lol -- I thought so.

@VictoriaNotes What say you?
To the 3 breeds? 😉

@HeyHiHullo No comment. 😀

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