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Am I the only one who feels like a social misfit? Between work, training (cycling), sleep and chores, I get little quality social time. I don’t go out, because I’m up by 5 a.m. every day. I haven’t been on an actual date in almost three years.
And I can actually be quite charming in person.
I love solitude, but the longer I’m alone the more I think I just don’t like people.
Am I the only curmudgeon on this site?

RoadGoddess 7 Aug 16

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Not at all. Sometimes dating is just too much work!!


You're not the only one, but it's not because you don't like people. You just haven't found someone who shares your interests and time frame.


You cycle? By yourself? Maybe dating isn't for you? Maybe JUST a friend? I really don't know what to say or what might help you resolve the conflict you're feeling. I do hope for a solution for you.


Hmmm. I thought by now, age 60, I'd be struggling to fill y time. Absolutely wrong, Ms. Goddess, U R absolutely right.
Is it the same as always.......Time Management.?
I can really trace my time wasting down to : Internet.

What saves time is busyness and music.
And...btw....U can call me anytime, for quality time. FYI!

twill Level 7 Aug 16, 2018

'Curmudgeon' ... a new word for me. I believe the word is gender-specific (m), but if you want to be one there's not much holding you back. A charming curmudgeon has a ring to it!

I know I don't like a lot (perhaps the majority) of people, but I do like company in small doses; although I admit I get tired of my kids and mom (these are the ones I see the most often). I have always been this way so it's nothing new to me.

Perhaps you need to take a couple of days break and do something fun with a few people so you can regroup.

I'm not sure when I'll be in Texas so can't ask you out on a date 😉. It's probably not exactly what you had in mind anyway.


Working out is 90% of my social life!


Of course not ! A common human dilemma. Push-pull .

Some decide to modify their trajectory and choices. While others never do !


You are perfectly normal...its not gets in the way..sorry to sound clichéd..but it's true.


My circle is getting smaller all the time, by design.


I'm with ya.


I'm in the same boat... I literally just assume everyone hates me. Makes it simple. Lol

@RoadGoddess I think the evidence may suggest otherwise, but I do appreciate the sentiment. LOL


I've noticed I'm not nearly as social now as I was when I was younger. For about 25 years, from my 20s through my mid 40s, I went out most weekends, had lots of friends and enjoyed my alone time. Now, in my 50s, most of my friends are gone, I don't really crave going out like I used to and I kinda dislike all the solitude.

I now understand firsthand what it feels like to be "getting older." It's very different than what things were like just 10 years ago.

I'm pretty good at being a curmudgeon myself. Which is a talent I didn't know I had when I was still in my prime.


Im sure ya arent alone, don't get discouraged, always have some hope that you will meet someone or people you like


I did. After 28 years of marriage of solitude with almost no social activities, I feel starved of interaction with others. I still love the solitude but also cherish the time I can spend with my two daughters! What I think I am finding out is that I need the ability to be independent if and when I want.


You spend your time where you value it. I am guessing that's cycling

@RoadGoddess it's you clear passion . I don't think you believe all men are dishonest any more than I believe all women are self centered. Perhaps you mean it's easier for you to deal with bikes and you enjoy it.


Of course you're NOT.... I am sure a lot of us wake up early, work hard all day long and when the time comes to pursue anything else, all we want to do is chill and recharge for the next day. Wish you the best of luck.


When I used to cycle, that was my Zen. Cycling for outdoor sport and pool - as in playing pool - for indoor, as both can be as social or individual as you make them. Unless you are a total introvert, the cycling can be such a great social activity. I used to belong to several groups, from the US Air Force cycling team to just some locals here on the island that cycle a bit and then open craft beers. All of that said, I understand where you are coming from. Since I work from home, it has been very easy to isolate. My last LTR was four years ago, I have dated off and on since, but nothing has connected. It has been lonely as well. Fascinating.

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