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A weight lifted off my shoulders, I confronted a friend about something that really bothered me about him. After some discussion, we agreed not to be friends for awhile. People tell me to get toxic people out of your life, I now know what they mean. The person may be fine but if the relationship is toxic, it's time to let them go.

By confidentrealm7
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Sometimes it does one good to "divorce" a friend or two ...

evergreen Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

The first six words of your post tell me you did the right thing. Good for you.

mcgeo52 Level 8 Aug 20, 2018

I am going through a similar situation right now. A friend has done couple of things that have affected me deeply.
Since she lives in my building, I will manage her toxicity in a diplomatic way (a rarity in me) by keeping a healthy distance and "see" how I feel in the near future. If I continue to feel the same way I will let the friendship fade away.

DUCHESSA Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

I have not done this often, but I have done it. It is hard, for sure, but I never regretted any of my actions.


I kept an annoying person in my life for Years because we had gone to High School together...and she moved about an hour away, which helped. But "losing" her as a friend was like removing a burr from under a saddle!


Strangely enough I find that where I live is awash with negative Neds and negative Nellies, there are a lot of ex-military people retired around me and they really don't like anything that is the least bit unconventional and they like it even less when it succeeds even though they do everything possible to shut it down. In case you haven't guessed I am a bit unconventional. lol
My father had a saying: There are only 2 kinds of people, First Class and No Class. Who you choose to associate with is your business.


True. Sometimes it takes a while to sink in.

tioteo Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

Good for you. Less negativity in your life.

IAmLove Level 7 Aug 19, 2018

By Jove, I think she’s got it!


By Jove, I think she’s got it!


Better make it permanent.
Like I keep advising people, defriend and block toxic people from online social media and your phone. Don't contact them again. If someone asks about them only say that you've "grown apart."

Then start attending community activities where people do things you also enjoy..i.e., hiking, boating, playing acoustic music together, bird watching, book clubs, etc. Google to find local Meet ups that have activities you enjoy.


Well done


". . . for a while" I have witnessed many people return to toxic relationships with unpleasant outcomes. Hope you find a non-toxic replacement for whatever aspect of your life he was occupying.


After 25 years I woke up and realized this person is and always was toxic to me. She is gone now!!

Xena Level 6 Aug 19, 2018

Life is too short to allow negative people to remain in you circle. Cut out the bad and surround yourself with people who uplift you rather than drag you down or depress you.

sellinger Level 7 Aug 19, 2018


Yep. I don't have time.


Good thinking. Hope it helps.

GreatNani Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

Good for you!


Good work! This is a very important step in improving your own attitude, and not an easy one at that. Congrats!

Byrdsfan Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

I believe it's very necessary at times, especially in toxic families. I wouldn't recommend anyone go as far as I did to remove toxic people from my life but when I got started, I found it hard to stop.

brentan Level 8 Aug 19, 2018

Good for you, some people give off negative vibes and drain us of energy. Recognising this and dealing with it will be good for your wellbeing.

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