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Suddenly and without warning, my computer screen is splattered with coffee

EDIT: For those of you who aren't aware of the story, Faux News ran a picture of Patti LaBelle when reporting on the death of Aretha Franklin. This is not the first time they've done something like that...and most likely won't be the last.

ProudMary 8 Aug 20

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I think this queen wore a hat better (and had the royal wave to boot!):


She and Ike Turner were great together. I loved when they sang "I Got You Babe" on their TV show.


I think they got their hats mixed up.


Another thought: someone at Fox News said they needed a picture of "the Queen," but left off the words "of Soul." πŸ™‚


It's the big hat! They've both worn them.


Hilarious! Faux News, indeed.


We now know who is peddling Fake News!

@ProudMary Are they really that bad? I know Trump gets most of his news from them, he prefers their version of events to his security chiefs!

@Marionville They are the worst. So phony, the women on there would make you sick.

@sweetcharlotte Glad I’m spared that. Our TV is really very good compared to what I think you get. The news on BBC is pretty reliable I think, and the other channels too.

@ProudMary Oh dear that must’ve been hard to bear! My husband was the original sceptic and questioned everything. He thought the BBC were too politically correct! When did your hubby die? Mine is gone 8 years.

@ProudMary I am so sorry to hear that. My own husband died of esophogal cancer, they are both pretty nasty!


You gotta love Fox "news".

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