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So I wonder why Satanism isn't more popular ?

Little 4 Aug 20

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I only find Satan as a character fun. Like Lucifer, Blue Excorcist, or similarly themed "Rebel Against Your Created Nature" types of characters.

I had a friend who was a Christian and believed that Lucifer/Satan/The Serpent was the good guy of the Bible because in the Adam & Eve story, the serpent is the only one telling the truth. In the "Fallen Angel" story, Lucifer is created by an all-knowing god, so rebellion is impossible, but instead part of God's Plan and a knowing accomplice. All of this making the concept of God Vs Satan, more like saying God's ego is so great that he lies to humans to make them believe he is all good, when in reality, he's just a vain egomaniac... Just like ___ (I don't even have to say his name).

I had a Satanist/Wiccan foster sister. Oddly enough, she never tried to recruit me, never gave the derogatory "that's so sad for you" religious BS I'd gotten from so many others, and she never did anything in front of me to scare me or insult my lifestyle. Unlike the Jesuits who ran my group home, or my Foster Parent, who tried to make my life a living hell until I'd conform to their standards.

Keita Level 5 Jan 11, 2019

First of all, there is more than one flavor of Satanism, just as there are with every other system of belief (the same is true with non-theists). The three largest groups of Satanists are, to my knowledge: The Church of Satan (Lavey), Temple of Set, and The Satanic Temple (TST).

Temple of Set is an off-shoot of Church of Satan, listening to those two groups go at each other is rather comical, definitely worth a chuckle if you're bored enough to go there. The Satanic Temple is newer and different from the other two; TST is politically active - they fight for First Amendment rights, and I can't emphasize how important this is: when groups like Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) lack standing in a court of law, TST often does; atheists do not have religious protections equal to churches, so support for TST is part of protecting the rights of atheists.

I personally, as an atheist, will not join TST, but they have my full support. I don't believe in either God or Satan. I have several friends in TST Seattle, I am well aware of the good that they do, but my primary message is that people can be good without the promise of Heaven or the threat of eternal damnation; it is difficult enough to gain the trust of religious people as an atheist, I would never gain their trust as a Satanist to be able to share my views and have them take me seriously.


If one acknowledges satan then u acknowledge God. Neither exist. And


Because Christians used to kill you for it and still would if they could.


Many people aren’t able to see past the label without having preconceived ideas about the figure of Satan and Satanism itself based on Christian doctrine and media portrayals. While I do follow the tenets of atheistic Satanism, I still would prefer not to commit to any religion of any kind. If I were to allow myself to adopt a somewhat structured religion, my views would be most aligned to LaVeyan Satanism.


Blood orgies are just not that popular anymore.

Well they should be?


Do you mean the world over or here on

And when you say "popular," what do you mean?

Are you a member of the Satanic Temple or otherwise consider yourself a Satanist?

The world over. Why more people who have left Christ don't end up following Anton LaVey. And I do consider myself a Satanist but I consider myself a lot of other things to, I believe I have the right to make up my own religion and follow myself. 🙂 thanks for responding

I do not have a temple as of yet 🙂

@Little There is no temple in Phoenix is there? I'd love to meet some educated Satanists, but I'd never call myself one. The taboo is to strong to help the faithful see passed. And bringing them to reason is more important to me. one must meet them part way.


A person can believe in and follow all of the tenets of Satanism without going through all of the ritual magic BS of Satanism, the Wiccans are much the same. Both groups have their evil fringe elements which cast a negative pall over each systems of thought.

Like what?

@Little Like what, what?


The misconception that it's based on worshipping the devil? Most people I've met believe that.


My answer would be because, even though people might have lost there faith, they are still brainwashed to be afraid of hell fire and God's unforgiving wrath ?

if one has no faith;assuming no belief in god and by extension no belief in hell, then there is no hell fire to fear or wrath to fear for neither exist. I have never met an athiest who believes this.

@Little I disagree with your premise, but will respond on the main thread instead of a subthread.

@Healthydoc70 she didn't say they believed it. They are brainwashed. It takes a long time to get rid of the programming deep inside the mind of the apostate. One tends to find oneself irrationally fearing old bagage. It takes time to change a mind.

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