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If all male politicians were replaced by women we'd either have world peace or some really interesting wars. This is a paraphrased comment, what do you think? Agree, Disagree?
The original question was about a dad who made a dnd campaign with his daughters and they were supposed to kill the wolves at the edge of the city but they ended up giving them food, making friends and making a wolf army.

DragonDust 6 Jan 17

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If women had all the political power, there might not be any wars ... just lots of jealous, envious countries refusing to speak to each other, lol.

SKH78 Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

I just thought this would be an interesting question to ask. I didn't expect this many responses, thanks for sharing with me and others who see this.


Now to be fair there would be change because so many politicians were just replaced. Only like 73 original (female current or 32%) politicians would be in Congress so it'd be interesting to see all of these changes. Unless the men physically turned into women, just woke up like that. Gender-swap. That would also cause some political changes.


no. this sounds sexist to me. there are plenty of war mongering women in the world. the problem is not the gender of the person, but the way they think.

Never forget Margret Thatcher the milk snatcher. Awful human being.


I disagree. It would depend on who those women are. Have you heard or spoken to some of those evangelical women. Some are worst than the men.


As long as it's after menopause.


I think the world would be much better with at least equal woman too men if not all myself.


Maybe, maybe not. Sarah Palin anyone? There are other female politicians who are pretty shady as well. Some aren't shy to go to war with another country either. Women are also corruptible. I guess maybe it depends on the system more. The American political system is rotten to the core. There are very few politicians I trust whether they're male or female. I liked Cynthia McKinney before she left congress. I like Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard now. I liked Bernie and Nader. I'm probably forgetting a couple, but the respectable ones are few and far between.


So they made a ally out of a enemy and used their allies to entrench themselves as the leaders. They builded a large standing army. Large standing armies are expensive so one way or a other they would be forced to expand their territory. As the example that was given shows nothing would change. Just the players on world stage would be different. There is a reason why people still read The Prince by makavili


I think men and women are psychologically pretty much the same. I think there would be zero difference.

True. I think one question would be if the politicians were all replaced at all.


Anyone in power unfortunately have the ability to misuse it whether they are male or female.

Totally true.


I think it's all about the individual regardless of gender, though obviously that influences their personality, but so does age and experiences, in the initial question around D&D this was the guy's daughters, which until time travel is discovered I assume they're younger and potentially more intelligent, or more innovative and modern, because of that.

Gender alone is never the sole variable, after all a government of WASP women would probably be no different than what we have now where as a government of Atheist Women of all races could be better...

I know this is about presidents and gender but D&D's 9 alignments also show a better correlation to someone's likely course of action and it is independent of gender. The Neutral or Chaotic Good probably describes the daughters based on their aversion to brute force problem solving.

Plus if we want to go sexist, playing devil's advocate here, isn't it a running joke women can't get along with each other? So if the government were all women, nothing would get done or we'd have civil war started from within the government and not by the people.

That's why Hilary Clinton was always vague, then again so were most of the others.



I look at male politicians at the 'top of politics' and they seem very different creatures from 'ordinary men' - just look at Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin.

I look at female politicians at the 'top of politics' and they seem very different creatures from 'ordinary women' - just look at Theresa May, Sarah Palin and Aung San Suu Kyi.

I don't think a 'big difference' would happen if women replaced men - I think the big difference would be if we could get 'career politicians' of EITHER sex out of politics.


Just not on mood swings.

Interesting wars.


I would be all for it, no more of the penis envy going on all the time. Still, there would have to be some protocols or active rules, like a rule that no female candidate can ask an elected male if her suit makes her butt look big.

Butt that rule is trivial and silly.

@SKH78 We all have the right to say if someone butt looks big.

@DragonDust Maybe it's an American thing. Such comments get brought up in divorce court. Women here can be petulant.


I suppose i should say that - Generally, I believe Women are much more capable of creating win win solutions than men. The world would be better off with more women leaders.


I disagree as there’s been some corrupt, evil and mean women in history. Hillary Clinton was very corrupt and I’m damn glad she didn’t win.

I think USA needs to put more attention on its third parties. But they didn't catch the news as much in 2016.


Agreed. Just look at what has been happening in Iceland. There's a reason why you won't hear about them on the news. They locked up their banksters after 2008, cleaned up their cabinet, and now they're on track for renewables, health, education, you name it.

I just looked it up... Well sometimes consequences to your actions is still a thing.


As long as they were not all Maggie Thatchers it would likely lead to world peace.

Margaret Thather was a great leader for the British.

@Trajan61 Thatcher the milk snatcher? There we're 27 other female mps at the time. She was a monster without feeling.

@Trajan61 , One of her many failing as a leader, not to mention her worst which was to ignore both the US and her own nation intelligence on the impending invasion of the Falklands to achieve her own political gains

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