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How is it, that we are not giving attention to India, that has experienced the worst flood in history? These people are wading through sewage to escape in some areas! India is our friend, where is the news, that we are sending something...anything to help our friends? I hate the fact, and I mean ‘fact’ that America’s people have given over our humanity into the clutches of our ‘evil politics,’ while millions of people need to be saved from mere floods? Or fires? When, will Americans place a higher value on suffering people?

Freedompath 9 Aug 22

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Nothing has changed! Note Churchills remark!

Coldo Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Wow! That will taint my admiration of Churchill forever!

@Freedompath On the Welch miners strike 1919 "If they are hungry fill their bellies with lead" His orders to the English army.He sent the army & a tank division into Glasgow later that year. The Scots army were locked in their barracks in Maryhill because they stated they would not fire on civilians. They opened fire on what became known as The Battle Of George Square. Both these atrocities lead to the general strike in 1920,he was a horrible man & a Snob!

@Coldo so disappointing!


When we get rid of the orange ahole.


Perhaps they are receiving the same consideration we receive during Hurricane Katrina or the more recent Harvey, Irma.


American society is self absorbed,materialistic and apathetic. Anyone who is not is attacked for being "sjws" or "bleeding hearts"or "against industry". Frankly the current american "ideal" is an awful person and many strive to achieve that ideal.

So sad to agree!


Was just looking at the photos from Hurricane Harvey , of just one year ago . Harris county , in Texas , was severely flooded . Flooding here has become routine , but this was abnormally so . They've finally gotten to the point where they've decided they need to do something drastic to prevent future flooding . They've been raising the earth level before building new housing developments , which means all nearby homes already in the areas , are going to be getting even more run off flooding . they decided to clear out streams upstream which means more flooding of all the homes downstream , with no relief for the downstream homeowners , as it has nowhere to go . Houses in my subdivision which flooded , had to remove and throw out everything from their first floor levels , because the flood waters were contaminated from a sewage plant . I have to admit , I emphathize with those folks in India . Know just what it feels like .

And, we have heard very little about that flood, since back at the would not have to live there to know what an enormous problem that had to leave behind! And, yet not a word on what is still being done...something has got to change or our country will become a country of rich barbarians!

@Freedompath It's already there . Remember Katrina ?


we hvent even helped Puerto Rico, War seems more important than aid


No paying for trips sow our president can feed his ego!

@bandit321 that too


Well....they ARE



I think most Western countries have become very selfish and self centred. Our “leaders” are all weak and only interested in the next election. Where are all the men and women of principle ? Not in politics that’s for sure. As nations we are becoming more selfish and inward looking and seem to have become immune to empathy with others such as these poor people in India.



If tRUMP and his cronies cannot make money off of it they just ignore whatever tragedy is going on anywhere.



Puerto rico



A time will come when women will realize The Divine Female and then humanity will transform.

You would hope...but it may not be so in this country, because it appears to me that women are only objectified in this country and it is more so, than ever! I hope that you see something that I have missed!

@Freedompath I really do! Please, look again, but this time, not with your eyes. The Feminine is the only creative force in existece, the only giver of life. The Feminine sustains anything and everything...
I encourage all the world's women to wake up to their true Divine. Nature! look within and see for yourselves!

@Anktsunamun there seems to be a slayer in the wings, every time the feminine tries to soften the meaness! But, I will pay more attention...

@Freedompath because you always aproach the meanness with the Ego, not with your Divine Presence, not with Love...

@Anktsunamun I don’t love meaness! I try and understand it!

@Freedompath love yourself and it would be enough! The presence of love will be enough!don t try to understand evil... That s the working of the mind... To understand... Your soul needs to be present and that you can only find in heart.

@Anktsunamun that is a ‘mind set’...that I have moved passed! If love was enough, I would not have emotionally challenged relatives! Love, is never enough, it will sustain us...but my life experience want allow me to believe in magic love! Life is work and the soul, if there is an unknown! Unless, you are referring to the individual, as a soul? I am a realist...and work with ‘what is,’ using what I know to balance things out! The rest is up to others!

@Freedompath my dear, you have built great walls against your love! Whatever your aproach, please bare in mind my words...
Be blessed!

@Anktsunamun are making assumptions about me and you have no personal knowledge, other than a few words. That is not smart on your part. And, lastly I do not share your ideas on what spirituality is or is not. ‘Be blessed,’ is not used correctly, after pointing out your superior idea of what love is! Maybe, you are unaware that other people hold different points of view than your own and that...that is perfectly ok? I don’t need a guru!

@Freedompath i am not. Trying to be smart or superior in anyway, i see no one below or above me. I appologise for for anything i have done to hurt you.
Wishing you the best!

@Anktsunamun ...accepted.


We"ve re-emerged into the Dark Ages her in the land of milk & honey..


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