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I don't think any nation through the history has sufferd from religion than we are doing in Iran. We have lost everything the whole history, wealth and .....future

Sharpsoil 4 Aug 22

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Almost every country was like that during the Dark Ages.

BD66 Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

Juche in North Korea has been rather devastating.


I went to grad school with a woman from Iran. Much like Americans...she loved her country but hated the abuse and idiocracy of its government. Get religion out of the way, and it becomes easier to see that most people in the world just want to live life and love their family. I hope both our countries wake up soon and start moving more to this.


Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Kurdistan, most of Europe and North America, religion brings suffering where ever it spreads a one time or an other.


That's happening in the USA right now too

Xena Level 6 Aug 22, 2018

The wonderful treasures of your ancient civilisations have been virtually destroyed. All wars are devastating for the people who have to endure them, but religious ones seem to be particularly destructive. Zealots of whatever religion always want to obliterate the previous cultures and impose their own ideas on everything and everyone. Your country was civilised when we in the West were still savages, the cultural revolution has swept away much of your heritage and sad. I feel for you.


Is there enough resentment of religious intrusion that the people might overthrow it? I'm remembering Ataturk's success in creating a secular government for Turkey. I've wondered so often about the women of your did they allow themselves to be tossed into such a repressive situation?

Forced not allowed

@Sharpsoil I wish them well. I wish ALL of you well!

@LucyLoohoo thanks
Wish you all the goodness in the world

@Sharpsoil Thanks! I've traveled in Muslim nations and ALWAYS wanted to collect all those women and get them OUT of there....where they can have lives and ''normal'' genitals and can even wear a bikini, should they choose to do it.

@LucyLoohoo that's so kind of you but unfortunately is not possible

@Sharpsoil Of course not---but, it makes me smile to imagine it!

@LucyLoohoo someday we will kick them out and will be free
On a burned ground with no water, reaources and doufh

@Sharpsoil Hang in there! I don't mean that as a cliche....hang in there because, sooner or later, everything changes! Your young people need to be ready!

@LucyLoohoo yes but they already have depleted all the resources, moved all the wealth to usa and canada and dried all the waters and sold all the seas

@Sharpsoil How are women doing in their struggle for independence, equality and freedom? Because, if you encourage women's success, you'll encourage national success.

@LucyLoohoo it's not about women
Neither women nor men have equality and freedom

@Sharpsoil I understand your meaning but...without genuinely liberated women, no society will succeed.


It is unfortunate how the government needs to make people fear. If they would listen to the people and work on a plan to preserve instead of destroy. I know several Persian people, all I know are very pleasant.


It's never a good thing when religion is used to rule a country

Still such a great loss to history of all the ancient things destroyed , and horrible for all those who've lived through all the wars .

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