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The door is open?

Sheannutt 9 Aug 22

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He's Here!

Coldo Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

Can l just hang out in the bushes? ?

So you're going to be a peeping Tom?

@Sheannutt l was thinking more of the indoor variety. ☺

@Sticks48 A Tomcat?

@Sheannutt Puuuurrrrr......?

@Sticks48 I love tiger kitties, Roar?



Now I just got to get me some traffic to come through.


Not I..I let few people into my life. I enjoy being with people but I'm picky about my time.

Smart too.


Is that a home or a bus station?


What are you going to do about that draft LOL?

Enjoy it ?

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