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Anybody have less nightmares since becoming a non-Christian?

grumy 5 Aug 22

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At age 13, I became an atheist when I realized the Bible is just a book of stories written by men.

I started having nightmares for years, after seeing my first horror movie at age 16. That convinced me I'm too sensitive for horror.


I've been non-Christian for so long I can't answer that one.

BD66 Level 7 Aug 22, 2018

I only have nightmares if I forget to take iodine drops before taking cannabis oil.


Night mears always give me the best horror ideas. I dot have them often. I suppose I could start sleeping in a cold room and inducing them.


Yes and I'm less afraid of everything and more loving towards people.

I love your response Donotbelieve. I can relate. I think my letting go of belief redirected or corrected my cognitive disortions.

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