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How to tip properly.???

By Sheannutt9
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I got to the restaurant early where some friends and I were having lunch. I about to ask the waitress if there was any fruit-flavored teas, e.g. peach, when friends of her's at another table got her attention. She immediately went over to them and had a conversation lasting several minutes. She eventually came back to the table apologizing saying, "I got distracted". All I could say in a very irritated voice was, "Yes, I noticed." She received a tip of $1.87 from me.


And by the way, tipping has a racist history: []


And if I get really lousy service I will leave two pennies on the table. No jerk, I didn't forget to tip. But it has to be really lousy service.

I like you if it's lousy service they get very little


I always tip the 20%. Rarely lower, but it has happened when the service was bad enough to affect the pleasure of the meal. I know what it is like to get shafted on a tip. I also ask if they actually get the money, because sometimes the boss takes it. Also, give it directly and say it is a gift so they don't lose it to taxes!

Hathacat Level 9 Aug 23, 2018

In the UK 10% is the generally accepted tipping rate. Service charge is not usually included in the bill. 20% would be considered too much.....I may give 15% but it would have to be superior service. Some restaurants have a container for tips at the till and the tips are shared with the kitchen staff, others don’t. If I pay by credit card I never add it to the bill, sometimes they ask if you wish to do so, but hand the tip to the waiter/waitress in cash.


I've heard people say Don't ip the tax. Sort of makes sense but maybe it is cheap. Definitely requires a little more hassle.
Does one tip carry out ?


I travel internationally often. To my knowledge tipping the server is only common in the US. I've found service is often similar everywhere. I always tip around 20% because it's expected. I don't find better service due to tipping. As with most service whether food service, having your tires changed or department store help. I believe good service is tied to corporate culture. What is expected of their employees. I also feel the cook deserves at least as much credit as the person bringing me my food. Every business should be considered a service. When I go to a certain tire company an employee runs out to my car in the parking lot before I can get the door open. They won't accept a tip I've tried. Tipping in the food industry is really a bonus to the restaurant business owner. It allows the business to pay minimum wage instead of a living wage. BTW I'm a small business owner.


I tip based on the service I get. It isn't automatic.

snytiger6 Level 9 Aug 23, 2018

I would increase it to $20. I'm usually generous. Have several nieces that work or have worked in the service industry. Have to take care of the servers.

In most parts of Europe it is included in the bill, so be careful and not overtip.


I consider myself a generous tipper. For good service, it can be between 20-30%. Once in a blue moon - 40-50%.

However, I still tip on SERVICE. Occasionally, it's only 15%. Rarely, it's 10%. If the person deserves less than 10%, that calls for a talk with a manager.

I never tip less than minimum for the faults of the kitchen, availability of an item, or lack of management and staffing.

BlueWave Level 8 Aug 23, 2018

I've been known to tip a nickel before, but that was for nonexistent service.

I'm with you on the percentages. Even lousy service get 15%, but I usually don't go back. The higher ranges I reserve for a wait person that has significantly elevated the experience, through banter, good humor or recommendations.


I taught that to myself.
Of course, you can't insure promptness by tipping afterward. I wander if that acronym is really true.

MrLizard Level 8 Aug 23, 2018

It rewards 'for' service rendered.

@AstralSmoke It certainly does, the way we use it now. But the story explains that people used to tip prior to getting served as that would ensure prompt service. I suspect the story is apocryphal.

@MrLizard oh, my mistake. I was going with terrorism information and prevention system. smile003.gif

@MrLizard it should be: to insure proper service. You, in effect, pay for the service of the next customer! smile009.gif ensured!

@MrLizard What story?

@AstralSmoke The story of the etymology of the word. Snopes agrees the stories of the acronyms are false: []

@MrLizard Are you a journalist?

From your reference: "... underworld slang, with the verb ‘to tip’ (meaning ‘to give to or share with) being used by shady characters as part of the then-current argot of petty criminals."

This article wasn't written very well. Is this a fairly reliable site?

@AstralSmoke I am not a journalist, but I do write for a living. (Not that I am that good at the writing part).

Snopes is a fairly reliable site that debunks urban myths/legends. I don't think they come from a journalism background.

@AstralSmoke BTW: Did you get my PM response to your original PM????

@MrLizard Yes I did and I'm still colluding. Will definitely get back with you.

@MrLizard I'm quite sure they don't.

@TheAstroChuck I make no claim. I merely state that Snopes does debunk that etymology and I will state that I generally trust their research.


Wait staff are not covered under minimum wage laws in most (if not all) states, so tipping is important. I would rather see laws change so that wait staff are paid a livable wage and we join the rest of the world without tipping.

@KissedbySun They should be paid $15/hr bare minimum and still be allowed to take tips. Some would not benefit, but most would, I believe.


That is how my grandma taught me when I was a kid. I would like to see tips return to being service related instead of expected or necessary.

Paracosm Level 8 Aug 23, 2018
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