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Had a thought: If we are wrong, we - this community- will all end up in hell together. That's OK. Makes me feel better;

It occurred. If we are wrong, we'll all be in God's eternal punishment room. Not so bad. We'll get to meet. And the drinks will be on @Hominid; Sure he won't mind. 🙂

Some qualifications:

  • all professed atheists will be there, so that's that;
  • agnostics will probably be there, unless God gives them a break for not quite going the fully monty on him. You can hope;
  • believers in secular religions and "religiousy" type ideas might get a break, but I wouldn't count on it; From the Bible we know that God is mean, nasty, revengeful, unforgiving SOB isn't he;
  • those here who say nice things about the Pope, might be in the best position to avoid the cosmic burner, but again I wouldn't bet the house on it. A heathen is a heathen is a heathen;
  • those here thinking the Boss of Bosses in the sky might consider that they are good people who did good things despite being non-believers and get a discount for that... well, good luck with that. Now if you'd been a mass murderer and repented at the last minute, then maybe off to heaven you go. Don't think you folks fall into that category;

So, cheer up. If we are right, we are right. If we are wrong, then the company will be good. I'm feeling better already...

David1955 8 Jan 18

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So, not in doubt in anyone's mind? I thought not. As Richard Carrier once said: If I had to spend an eternity in so called heaven knowing that millions or billions of otherwise good people were suffering in hell for no other reason than they in good conscience could not be believers, or followed the wrong God, then I'd still be in a hell of my own. Why kind of God would it be? A god that doesn't exist.


Well the big thing is a bit confusing as related in the bible. To borrow a phase 'you must follow the 10 things not to do or he will send you to a pit filled with fire and pain and suffering for all eternity but he loves you!' So I think I will just stay here til the time comes.


Boy. I can't wait to get there!


We're in hell now, try to enjoy yourself.


which hell? there are so many. at least ozzy will be playing. lmao i hate harp music


id rather be there anyway


I'm sure that you know all worry is related to the future, including, imagined future states of affairs. In a public house in England there is a sign above the bar: "Free beer tomorrow." Problem is, tomorrow never comes because it is always tomorrow.


But, we are NOT wrong! I figure that my chances of ending up in hell are a million times less than my winning the lottery.


Worrying about these things seems like hell to me.

skado Level 8 Jan 18, 2018

Look at it philosophically. If you worry you die, if you don't worry you still die. If you die you may worry if you will go to heaven or hell. If you got to heaven (your belief) no problem. If you go to hell (your belief) no problem. You will be so busy shaking hands with old friends you will not have time to worry.


How about this...
All of us on this website would be...
sent to heaven... to mingle with the religious whackjobs... that would be hell...

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