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Just wondering.
What are your favorite foods to eat.
I used to be a chef and made more different dishes than I can count.
There isn't much of anything i don't like.
But my favorite is seafood, mainly shrimp, and scallops.
I make a mean white wine, garlic, basil cream sauce among many.
I live in Florida so there is no shortage of seafood.

Then again, I do love a good steak.

So what do you like?

TristanNuvo 8 Aug 23

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I love Jamaican food. Rice n Peas, ackee and salt fish, curried goat, ox tail soup with dumplin, run down with bread fruit, hard dough bread. I could go for that right now.


I like meat but tend toward vegetarian dishes. I love indian for all the incredible flavors and textures. I've tried my hand at making my own curries with questionable success but I still liked it.?


Fish, I love fish, but not seafood without scales. I love potatoes, root vegetables and grains like barley and rye. I love soups and stews but can easily live without beef, gravy and sauces.
I love German beer.

I love a good German beer as well. My favorite is Tucher.
There is a great place that has many imported beers near me, so it's easy to get some.

@TristanNuvo My favorite ber is Jever Pilsener, a most pleasant bitter beer, made with good hops. It is brewed in Jever, Ostfriesland and its slogan is :"as the land , so the beer" It goes extremely well with Rollmops, pickled herring on a bun and our local aquavit.

@Spinliesel I've never heard of that one, I'll have to give it a try.
Thanks for the tip.


I like a good Caesar salad, sushi, a strong, black cup of coffee, and fresh pineapple.

I WISH I could find all of those items at one amazing eatery.

Oh, I forgot, add dry, red wine to that list and a Maduro cigar on occasion.

I'm a huge sushi fan myself.
I love a good Caesar salad too.It's sometimes hard to find a good one at many places, So I usually make my own.

And I also forgot to mention a good wine as well.

@TristanNuvo impeccable tastes


Monthong durian is still my favorite food.

Photo is me eating mongthong durian on Penang Island, Malaysia, but Thailand's durian is even better.

That's actually one that I have never tried before.
you've piqued my interest, i'll have to try it.

@TristanNuvo Most westerners won't eat it because it smells like old gym socks, but if you try it, that odor often becomes heavenly.

Link: []

@birdingnut I've always been one to try new foods, I'll try just about anything once.
there have been both some that I didn't like, and some I absolutely loved. That's why I like to have an opened mind when it comes to food.

We have a great Asian market just down the street a ways, I'll see if I can't find all of the ingredients to make some, and give it a try.

@TristanNuvo ??? Ingredients to make it? Look at the photo of me eating one, and the wikipedia's a FRUIT.

@birdingnut Oops, sorry about that, now i kind of feel silly.
I commented before I saw the picture.


I liked to eat Ethiopian food - veggies & deep fried whole fish. I love sea food - shrimp mozambique - one of them

cb113 Level 2 Aug 24, 2018

Seafood is my favorite as well.
an old girlfriend was Portuguese, and she turned me on to shrimp mozambique.
That is a dish that I really like.


bouillabaisse with some good rustic bread and now im hungry

I do like a good bouillabaisse as well.
Another that is quite simillar is a dish called Cioppino. It's an Italian dish.
One thing I like about both of them is that it's way open to use what ever kind of seafood you like.


Seafood is the best Atlantic ocean seems to be a higher quality seafood that I have noticed.

I do agree for the most part, especially the north Atlantic.
But we do have some great ones here in the Gulf, like Grouper, Stone crabs, and oisters.
We have good lobster here as well.
It's not a match for Main lobster, but they are a lot bigger, and still pretty good.


Honestly, a good steak is always good, but i do also love Chicken. And I’d say you can never go wrong with Italian or Chinese food, but thats just my opinion.

I like both of those as well.
Italian food is one of my specialties, My grandmother was from Florence, and she showed me how to make all kinds of great dishes.

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