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John McCain to Discontinue Brain Cancer Treatment

By sassygirl38699
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He was republican with some skill and I will be sad to see him die.

Marine Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

Seriously, I think he is making the right decision. I was talking to a lady today (I work in short term disability claims.) She is on chemo for cancer, she was a teacher for over 40 years, no husband no kids. She will be taking chemo for the rest of her life. It is making her sick as hell. Is that how you want to live? I want quality of life. I've already decided and told my kids I will not do chemo. Length of life doesn't matter if you're sick all the time. I hope John McCain goes peacefully. He did his time. I may not agree with him politically, but he deserves his rest.


Source of this information?

tfg1929 Level 6 Aug 24, 2018 link.

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