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I never miss going to mass on a Sunday - in fact
I really don't miss it at all!

Petter 9 Aug 25

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i just had a near-miss tantrum... HAHA!


I'm going to have to remember that. I will be going to a catholic church next month for my grandson's baptism. I wanna use it then.


Mass what?


@walklightly probably


I don't think hardly anyonew goes to church for the mass... I think most go to talk and socialize before and after.

Right, spot on! dead guy on a stick will be pist if he comes back, me and my friends thinking that when drug off to some religious whatever when kids. Then get this, drinking its blood, eating its body, adults! SUPER WEIRDOS!!! just where do they get these HAVE YOU LOST your mind ideas, THAT is exactly what us kids had discussed. Adults , weirdos, just get along with them, cakes candies later and summer camp you know hahahahahahaa!


What?!?!, no quote toy/button, archaic serverware... can't believe I sacrificed some data for this tripeware place. OH.. don't mind me, I'm seeing if my gif is working, which it doesn't look like it, oh my comment
" never miss going to mass on a Sunday - in fact
I really don't miss it at all!
wait for it

. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA &&! AND ! *echoECHO**** aaaaaaaaaahahahahhaahaa! LOVE IT ! Might have found a place to chat and not have them jump and tear my head off.

WELL!!!! echo ECHO ! ) ) edit works. So my custom action gifs are not allowed, oh well.

Hmmm seeing if source works or is any good for anything.

Nope, back of the cave here, turn around, we are all over here in techland kiddo!

Site ware / format too archaic / obsolete so far. Too bad because like all the other sites, it won't be fixed, EVER -- oh well let them die oh I'm so cheerie lately it amazes me. Oh the source area's bleeeeeep! ed , nice. ( - ' . '- )

mwoo7 Level 2 Aug 25, 2018

cute hummingbird


good to hear from you Petter!


I’m still proud and impressed by the comments of an Uncle years ago … “I work hard all week,” “I’ll be damned if I’m going to waste one day of my two days off.” His words were in response to a ‘seventh day adventist’ preacher 🙂

Varn Level 8 Aug 25, 2018

You're back!!

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