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I just realized my previous post read 'what the hell' at the end. Probably not the best choice of words on an agnostic/atheist site posting about annoyances of old tv referring to god. Meh. Words are important - precise ones can articulate a thought, whereas the imprecise leaves folks sounding inexperienced. It's probably silly, but it was digging at me because i usually don't say hell, but i didn't know if i could write my favorite F word.

By Lillyfield417
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I use all the Christian swear words all the time and I never say "dog" instead of god. I think some people are superstitious.

DenoPenno Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

You can write any word you like, I swear all the time and nobody gives a toss. And in reference to your previous post, and this one, your posts are perfectly eloquent. In fact there are people who post who can barely spell or string a coherent sentence together but it's not about grammar, it's about joining in and having fun.........enjoy smile001.gif

ipdg77 Level 8 Aug 28, 2018

Don't sweat it. Just a figure of speech. I say it all the time.

Hastur Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

When referring to something unbelievable biblical words are actually quite fitting as they are the definition of unbelievable

Simon1 Level 7 Aug 26, 2018

its part of our culture, i refrain when i think first and type or think second. lol i justify omg. used for the unbelievable being i have been to hell michigan, i also refrain from sending people there. i have no issue with the F word. who does not like french fries?


Fuck it! Do it!!!


Fucking write it.


Bad girl!

lerlo Level 8 Aug 26, 2018

Hell, I say fuck all the time. It ain’t no shit.

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