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Hi all

I love that this group exists. I get easily offended when others talk of their god, can anyone relate to this?

Laynefisher 2 Aug 26

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Of course. That's why most of us are here.

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Of course that's why we're all here on this site


I get uncomfortable. Just like if someone told me they were receiving dream communications from the spirit of Abraham Lincoln. I'd rather not get into an argument, so I hope they're not going to push me to affirm their wacky beliefs.


I feel about the same way as when people tell me about what colour their kids shit was that day.


My emotions waver between annoyed and bored, especially if they don't take the hint and change the subject. 😛


Maybe you should pray for them....... 🙂🙂


Think in terms of pity for them for they will always be led around by the nose ring of their faith.


My primary emotion is pity for those talking about god as they are not living in reality but a sick imaginary world of less then honest truth.

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