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What physical trait(s) do YOU love about yourself? How about a character/inner trait(s)? I'll start: I love my smile, and my curly/fucked up hair! And, I like my wicked, slightly warped sense of humor, and quick wit.

AzVixen52 7 Aug 27

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My eye and my smile, my humor and compassion.


I think I have a good sense of humor.


Physically, I look much younger than my actual age. Intelligence and creativity are the traits that I like about myself.


My eyes, I have been told are piercing. I try to find wisdom in just about anything. I admit when I goof. I do not take compliments well.


I like my willingness to chip in with anybody who wants to do something and needs bums on seats - I love that I have had a really interesting life and am now fairly settled (seventy does that to you) I like that I am proficient at any crafts I take on and they are all doing things so I don't really know what my being-ness is like I am loved quite a lot by others and hated just as much by as many others so don't really know where to put that information except in the bin.


I like my compassion and my open eyes are really pretty. I have nice legs, too.


Refusal to self-agrandize.


I like everything about me. I wish I could meet a copy of me so we could hang out and have a blast together.


I have always been aware of symmetrical distribution of things on physical space. There has to be harmony. That helps a lot with artistic talent that can be used pretty much in everything we do

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