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We Are Not Sore Losers. We Are Resisting Fuhrer Trump's Tyranny

sassygirl3869 9 Aug 27

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Damn straight!


The problem is the right has Religion and selfishness. Then there is everyone else. There is no solidarity in not being a thing.


Ya voll!


Very well stated and for those who still support this reckless idiot you are paying a very high price for doing so.


And thank gawd for the Free Press...without them we would only know a tenth of what is going, for one example, the kidnapped immigrant infants!
Things You can do today:

  1. Send a donation to the ACLU or similar...courts are the last best line of defense against this fascist idiot!
  2. Take 5 minutes to program the contact info of your "representatives" into your phone, then you can easily & often let them know what you are thinking!
  3. Check your voter registration status, then VOTE! "Not voting" is NOT a protest, it is acceptance of what we have now,
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