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Played so many board games yesterday!

Velvetnsatin 6 Aug 27

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Back when we were young and poor and in love my wife and I used to have some other couples over to play board games our favorite games were Pictionary and Sorry many many hours of fun we may have not had much money but that was such a wonderful time..... Great, now I'm sad


Playing games is great fun. There has been a Renaissance in the last decade. So many amazing games out there now. We have two book shelves of board games. Get Catan or Carcassonne. Just getting my oldest into D& nerdy yet so good.


I haven't played board or card games since I was little. I learned that I couldn't lose, no matter how hard I tried..dice landed how I wanted, I got royal flushes no matter whoever cut the cards, etc. I was told I was a "witch" and to stay away, so I gave it all up.

My kids have been the same way since they were toddlers, but they can control it..losing just enough to get the bets high before winning. It even works that way with playing pool, at least that's what my son did when he was little.

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I like playing Cards Against Humanity - no board but fun with enough people.


Oh gosh, you'll have to stop that right now! I'm afraid next time you post you'll be doing jigsaw puzzles.


Did board become boring?

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