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I see lots of people talk about not liking being alone. Never bothered me. Right now I'm soaking up the sun at Lake Arthur near me. The weekend I will go to Indianapolis (a former home town) for a race, all by myself. I love my alone time. In fact, I get cranky without it.

Secretguy 7 Aug 28

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I love being alone most of the time. I find, like so many of you do, that being alone and lonely are not equivalent. Right now I'm feeling lonely more frequently than I like because there have been shifts in my circle of friends. A problem with preferring to have a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances is that when those close friends find another path for their journey, it leaves a bigger gap. But I'll just keep trying.


Maybe I should have said "me time" instead of alone.


As someone else said, alone and lonely aren't the same thing.


Being alone is great when you want to be. Being lonely when you don't want to sucks.


Being around people is exhausting. With that said, there are times and moods that it's good to be around others.


I love being alone too. On occasion I might spend time with others but I enjoy my alone time. I like going shopping alone, and I prefer traveling alone. I don’t have to wait for others, I can go at my pace, I don’t have to do things I don’t want to do.


Well there goes the trip to New Orleans. Damn it!

@Sticks48 there are advantages to going alone and those for going with others. Alone I avoid being out at night especially late. It’s much safer to do with others.


Age change things.....


Me too. Love being by myself.

Livia Level 6 Aug 29, 2018

I love being alone. I have friends and my daughter and son in law and I enjoy spending time with them, but love to come home to my little home, with my dog and cat, and having plenty of solitude.


I enjoy being alone when I have the option of being around people. Sometimes though, it's not an option at all, and then it feels a bit like punishment.


If you can not enjoy being alone with yourself, then what makes you think anyone else would want to be
with you? If you enjoy being alone with yourself, believe it or not others will notice and want to be with you. Do things you enjoy and like. This is the only life you will get.


Join the introvert group here. We rave about our solitude & defend our right to it.


Because we're all different to each other.


I live alone now, have hiked all day alone and have no problem with solitude or mixing with crowds. Some people just cannot tolerate being alone and settle for bad relationships.

I have a friend who is like this. We dated 10 years ago and we have stayed friends. I've seen him marry and then divorce a really unpleasant person and had a woman who did online/cam sex work come live with him. Now he's bought a house with his current girlfriend and they plan on marrying and having kids which seems so unlike him. He just seems to hate being alone which is sad because he makes poor relationship decisions because of it.

@Sorcha Yah...I have a family member who just can't be alone. When his wife is away on business he calls constantly.

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