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How about some fun with 2 truths and a lie?!

List 2 truths and 1 lie. Everyone tries to guess your lie.

I'll start.

  1. I speak 3 languages... but 2 are fake.
  2. I've been hit by lightning.
  3. I've broken 15 bones.
Alimacbean 7 Aug 29

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  1. I speak 7 languages. 3 fluently. 4 on an I can work it out basis.
  2. I've mined gold in the Alaskan interior.
  3. I've ridden a camel.


@Alimacbean -- Nope.


@Minta79 -- Yep. I've never ridden a camel.

@Minta79, @OlderMusicGeek -- Nope. I worked a claim on the Jack Wade Creek northeast of the Forty Mile River crossing for a couple of years, but I've never ridden a camel.


#1 number 3 is a lie.
#2 number 1 is true
#3 I never lie

You broke the game.


  1. I had a hit song on a top ten radio station in 1970.

  2. I stayed in Perth, Australia for two weeks in 2005.

  3. In the 1960s, when I was a teenager, I used to race my Akhal Teke mare and beat everyone.

#1 is your lie, I guess ?

@Spongebob NOPE. It was a top ten radio station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and stayed top hit for about two months.

@birdingnut wow! Awesome! May we listen to it?

@Spongebob I doubt it! It was a song from a long-play 48 record-not used in the US, destined for the South American market, and the song was in Spanish. I had a cassette copy made back in the late 1990s, but that is obsolete now also.

@Katastrophe69 No..I only brought a suitcase of essentials when I moved to Thailand in 2010. I suppose someone in my family has cassettes of the album, but not sure. I'm not talking to most of them since they began bragging on being Trump supporters.

@Katastrophe69 I'm sure the cassettes are in my family somewhere, but I'm in Thailand at the moment so I'll have to wait.

Well, nobody guessed it..the lie is #2. I did visit in Australia in 2005, but I went on a camel trek near Coober Pedy, and visited other islands and cities, but never made it to Perth, although it's on my bucket list.

I raced La Brujah, my Akhal Teke mare, against all comers when I lived on our Haiti mission near Cap Haitian as a teenager, and she could beat anyone.

She could cruise at 30 mph, fast as a race horse. I never used a bridle or saddle on her, which about gave me whiplash whenever she took off in a sprint.

I had to grab her mane to keep from being thrown backward from the force. She had a colt with my stallion, a buckskin who could do a broken pace at 15 mph for miles as I commuted between our mission property and the city.

@birdingnut I was going to say Perth is a lie but given your proximity I thought it completely feasible. Honestly the camel trek at Coober was probably way more exciting.

@patchoullijulie Yup!

Pic is of me getting a kiss from Sir Wobbles, the biggest camel in the string, and the one my ex is riding. I was riding the smallest camel.

The owner of the trek lets guests each have a camel to feed, groom, saddle, and take care of during the trek. My camel was abused before he bought her and was afraid of men, so I was the one who could handle her.

@birdingnut Oh wow. Very cool. Did you get to venture into any of the Coober Pedy underground dwellings?

@patchoullijulie Yes, my ex and I rented an underground hotel room for the night. It was very cool and nice down there.

@birdingnut That is so cool. I am headed back that way soon so I might put Coober Pedy on my list of places to visit.

  1. I met Tom Robbins and while he was signing a copy of Still Life with Woodpecker I puked on his shoes.
  2. I attended 6 years of Catholic School which is where I learned all my vices that haunt me to this day.
  3. I was medically disharged from the army and part of the story is I was wearing a skirt.

#3 is a lie?

#1 seems the least specific, so that's the lie

#1 seems doubtful ,it's a lie

#1is the winner


1 I was a truck driver 18 wheeler.
2 I have access to the Congress library
3 I know how train chickens to do tricks.

If 3 is true you gotta post a video

#1 is a lie?

The Confessional Library thing is a lie

Well bets on every single option. I do have a library of Congress card. Can you guess now ?

@OlderMusicGeek you are wrong . #3 is a lie


tlhih jatlh tlhingan


Ah, fake languages, got it

@Fibonacci1618 so you don't speak klingon

@LadyAlyxandrea Unfortunately not! The only fake language I speak is nonsense from time to time.

I speak Gibberish and Oppish.


If I'm not Welsh, I like sheep.

I'm Welsh, but I don't like sheep.

I like shagging sheep.


Shagging sheep are lovely things, not least because they fill the fields with lovely lambs every spring.

They all have different advantages. Soay sheep are good in that you don't have to shear them - the wool just falls out and you can gather it where it collects along fences.


I've studied fifty languages and can read newspapers in a dozen of them.

Dinosaurs regularly visit my garden to eat nuts and seeds.

I've been in the International Space Station.

#3 is the lie?


I've seen the ISS many times, but my work is in computational linguistics.

Are we calling birds dinosaurs?

Well this is actually fun. You can study 50 languages but doesn't mean you learned them. Next, if by dinosaurs you mean lizzards then you have never been to the ISS, that's the lie

Yes - birds are dinosaurs.


@alimacbean I'm going with the broken bones as the lie.

As for mine:

  1. I can wiggle my ears
  2. I have argued before the Arizona Supreme Court
  3. I have snorkeled with penguins
lerlo Level 8 Aug 30, 2018

Do Penguins snorkel? Im going with #3

#3 way too cold!

#1 is the lie


@eyespop Not in the Galapagos...


I've ridden on a missile

I hate onions

I support the GOP

Oh please let #3 be the lie!


@Alimacbean ding ding ding!

@patchoullijulie you're quite right!

@josh23452 Phew!.... thank you 😀

@patchoullijulie see 🙂

@josh23452 I did wonder if you were military, in which case it would be quite feasible that you rode a missile. 😀


Hit by lightning. Very rare. But happens.

Hit by lightning is true!


Sorry I'm not playing the game, but I can't resist offering "the liar's paradox" here--a version of which was given by Plato and also commanded the attention of 20th century mathematicians. The paradox (if I have stated it correctly!) is that Sentence #2 is true if and only if it is false, and the same is the case for Sentence #3.

  1. Two plus two is four.
  2. Sentence #3 below is true.
  3. Sentence #2 above is false.
  1. I am an honorary Boy Scout.

  2. I am a trained lifeguard.

  3. I can't count.

Haha number 3 is the lie cause you numbered your comments in effect, you counted.

@sellinger I concur!

@Alimacbean You got it.

  1. I have acted in horror movie
  2. I like weed
  3. I used to sing in church choir

3 is your lie?

No, 2


Yep, not for me


I have insulted an Emmy-winning director and stood up a famous director who came to meet me

I am an accomplished cricket player

I have three passports, a couple of visas, and you don't even know my real name

Ozman Level 7 Aug 30, 2018

Im going to go with #2 is the lie. If your an Australian male the chances are you have played cricket but the question is are you an accomplished player.?
#1 I could see an Aussie male doing's part of the culture 'tall poppy syndrome'
and #3 is not a lie because we don't know your real name.

@patchoullijulie You're not wrong, accomplishments are definitely subjective 😉 I think I have done ok for myself there, though.

Although I only have two passports. But no comment on the lyrics?

@Ozman Ha.. dag nab it...I thought I had it all worked out. Guess I'm not as clever as I thought. Oh well. 😀



What is a fake language? (Lie), hit by lightning, unless you were typing your post from the other side(Lie), what a hell do you do to have 15 broken bones????

And since I must play along....

  1. The devil made type this
  2. Jesus told me the devil will tell me to type this
  3. Screw both of them

I speak Gibberish and Oppish and I have been indirectly hit by lightning.


Fun post!


I think 1 is a lie.

  1. I partied with Bon Scott of AC/DC.
  2. I drive a hippie themed 1969 volkswagen bus
  3. I hate weed.

3 is a lie

@HeraTera lol As much as I wish it were true, #2 is the lie. 😀

@patchoullijulie aww, the vw bus would be cool ?

@HeraTera I know right? One day maybe. 😀

I think #3 is a lie. Nobody hates weed.

@birdingnut ? Nah...fraid it's true. I am one of those rare birds that doesn't drink, do drugs or smoke weed. I know, I know..........😕

@patchoullijulie it is okay; we all have our quirks. My second son is an athletic freek. College prof in math, still plays soccer, pro tennis, and a mix of martial arts and gymnastics.

@birdingnut I hate weed.

@Beowulfsfriend Hey...I don't consider my choices to be quirks! 😀

Lightning is not a lie!

@Alimacbean Oh wow! Your one of 'those' people. How scary was that?

@patchoullijulie It hit the house, went though the electrical, hit me. Mildly shocking, to say the least!


hit by lightning is the lie.

mine is

  1. I've stalked multiple celebrities in large cities with minimal information and found them successfully
  2. I have all my adult teeth and no baby teeth
  3. I joined a street gang at 18 and was being groomed to be the leader

This is a hard one. Just knowing through some of your posts and replies I can see you doing all three and I mean that in a kick ass person kind of way.
I eliminate #2 due to your age and I am going to toss a coin and come up with # 3 is the lie. 😀

@patchoullijulie lol hmmmm i will wait for a few guesses before I reveal it lol

#3 my guess ?

#3 is a lie!

@Spongebob @fibonacci1618 @patchoullijulie

Incorrect. #3 is true.

@LadyAlyxandrea I was a gang ster back in 1952 also! Not literally 1952, but yes me too! Great growth !

I have been indirectly hit by lightning. Hit the house, came through the electrical, and hit me.


@Alimacbean winner winner chicken dinner


Two explains 3. Saying 1 is a lie.

I like your logic. 🙂


I believe you could speak Klingon and Elvish, but it is difficult to determine whether the broken bone count is off or the lightning strike is false. I am guessing three is your lie.

Your deductions may or may not be accurate...

  1. Was in Navy but never on ship
  2. I suck at relationships
  3. Trained by Isreali Counter Terrorist Spec Ops.




Ok we need details on #2!

  1. I enjoy pineapple and onion pizza
  2. I hold a certification in critical care nursing
  3. I graduated high school

#1 because no one likes pineapple on pizza! Lightning hit the house, went though the electrical, hit me.

@Alimacbean My mom does, I hate it!

@Alimacbean Ouch! Glad you seem to be okay. Hope there were no long term effects

@HeraTera Nope. It was pretty mild, but at least I can say it!


@CoastRiderBill correct GED to associate degree.

@CoastRiderBill, @Alimacbean as a kid I was watching a storm out the back door while sitting on the washing machine. I’m not sure if lightning hit the house or just really close but I felt a sting like being hit with a rubber band.

I love pineapple and onion pizza!!!

@BeccaVa Ewwwww

  1. I'm posting in this thread.
  2. I'm seeing a woman from this site.
  3. Carl Sagan was my uncle.

Carl Sagan is still alive! Right?!


@BeccaVa He passed away in 1996. His friendship with Sammy Hagar and the book "Contact" inspired the song "Love Walks In" 10 years earlier. RIP, Uncle Carl.

@LimitedLight oh I didn’t know. So number 2 then

@BeccaVa She's going to be mad.

@Alimacbean Correct.


1: I'm double jointed 2: I had a pet hog that weighed over 1,000 pounds 3: I have a pet shark


@Alimacbean no 3 is the lie ?

@Cofe23 I almost said that one, but there are fish called red tailed sharks you can get. Thought it was a trick.



  1. I sky dive once a month
  2. I had my head cracked open by a rock
  3. I rode my bike into a pole

Right! #3

1 is the lie

@Alimacbean No.

@astrnelis Yep.

When I was a kid I had a friend that was throwing rocks up in his backyard and one of them came down on my head. Blood was going down my face.

Also when I was a kid I was riding my bike around a corner and I took too much of a wide turn and my face went right into a pole lol

I have never and will never willingly sky dive lol

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