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Is there any implication when someone visits your profile often without any further communication?

I know I'm guilty of it, but I'm looking at pics of purdy people. I highly doubt people are dropping by to pay silent respects to Odin...

maturin1919 8 Aug 30

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I just assume they can't get enough of me. Completely understandable


First, Odin is the shit. He straight up solved the frost giant problem. So, let's not discount the Odin respect too quickly...

Also, I assume when people stop by without messaging it's because I said something smart or funny, and they wanted to learn more. Then they saw the list and thought "oooh, she's cute and funny, but bitch seems cray, imma slowly back away."

Cute, funny and read minds too !!!! ?


There have been a number of times when I have accidentally clicked on a profile.
Whether it's been because I didn't have the cursor set properly before clicking on 'enter', or just moving too fast to have gotten it right.
I rarely look at profiles. If anyone notices that I visited or "hovered", it's most likely inadvertent.
I don't even look to see who has viewed mine.
It's probably just me, but I don't understand why it matters who's viewed anyone's profile.

"It's probably just me, but I don't understand why it matters who's viewed anyone's profile". It's not just you my dear.

I have done the same thing a time or two.


I don’t mind if people visit my profile page and don’t say anything. I recently noticed that hovering your mouse over a person’s name/picture to see a glimpse of their profile also counts as a visit. I’m guilty of that. Normally I do that to see someone’s age


I don't think much of it. Just normal human curiosity.


As a handsome charming wealthy Bon vivant man about town with an extensive art collection of celebrity anus's complete with hemorrhoids posted I often wonder the same thing. Why aren't the ladies lining up?


Perhaps you have said something that piqued their interest -- or made them wonder. Like me. Right now. I'm wondering. I will probably visit your profile. I'm not looking for purdy people and there is no interest in Odin.


That's not what I'm talking about though. What would you think if the same person is repeatedly stopping by?

@maturin1919 -- Frankly, nothing. Paranoia is not one of my things, and I don't pay attention to my own profile, either.

@maturin1919 It could be because they want to see what you post but don't want the notifications so they just visit your profile.

@sewchick57 -- I'm still forced to wonder why it matters. Basically, who cares? Someone visits a profile does not indicate one needs to have any contact with them.

@evidentialist Nobody said it 'matters', but so what if it does to someone? This is pure curiosity, take it or leave it.


I check profiles out of curiosity.

Repeatedly? The same ones close to daily?

@maturin1919 Repetedly, yes. Daily, no. I follow those who I want to hear more from.


Sometimes someone posts new pics and you either think it's a new member or you just want to see new pics from that person if you remember their screen name. Sometimes you just forget you already visited a person's profile. Sometimes you just want some eye candy lol


It seems weird that someone would continually look at your page and never say anything. I can see doing it once and again if you change your main pic. Maybe they just weren’t interested at that point. But to habitually do it is odd

I've got about 5 people who look at my profile nearly every day and never respond to my comments or message me.

Unless one has a poor memory. Even if one doesn't have a poor memory, it still takes a number of times before it sticks.

Great, we started off on a weird foot =/

@maturin1919 I thought we started talking right off the bat?

@Leeshi Oh, no, I definitely creeped a bit. Then you got your new shirt and... I couldn't be shy anymore.

@maturin1919 well, I clearly don’t remember the creeping haha. I saw that shirt at the concert and couldn’t resist. It says, “I’m a Vicious Bitch” I got one for my friend, too


I’m always shocked that anyone would be interested in looking at me. I’m pretty ordinary. Flattered. But shocked.

@Perseo1965 thank you very much. That was very nice of you to say.

Don't sell yourself short. Beautiful smile. Very pretty lady.



I don't see what is the big deal.... Feel free to visit mine a million times ?


It's a memory aid - there are a lot of people on here, I find I may accidentally ascribe the wrong set of views to someone, and have in fact assumed several people were men who were women or vice-versa, since it usually doesn't matter.


I don't think there's any particular implication. Always good to remind yourself of the person behind the post.

It's more a problem when people message without reading the profile.

And I always pay my respects to the All Father!

Odin be praised!


I think it's kinda flattering. And I like it when I see people who've dropped in that I haven't seen in a while. Good to see them come around.

I do the same thing. There are people on here that are my favorites. I like them quite a bit and wish I could be real life friends with them. So I'll see them post and go check out their profiles to remind myself of their details like what part of the world they're in, etc. Sorry if it's weird.

No, not weird. I was just curious about motivations.


I've only had that happen once. One person checked my profile everyday. Eventually, we chatted a couple of times...then he blocked me. Hmmmmmm. 🙂

That good, huh? ; )


I honestly don't understand the fascination with this. I see a lot of threads about it, and so what? It's like reading a menu. Just because you end up ordering the fish doesn't mean you hate chicken or don't like the description of how the chicken is being done. And sometimes, it's just interesting to at least know what part of the world or the USA that a poster hails from, how old they are, or whatever, in assessing their interesting post or comment.

It's the repeat customers, not the random visitors.


Interest is interest. And interest comes from the shy and timid as well as from the bold and gregarious. Doesn't rule out the idea you may want to go ahead and enjoy the admiration.

Though if you've read "American Gods" by Neil Gaiman, you might understand the respect for Odin.

I had respect for Mr. Wednesday before I read the book.


Maybe they're just plain bashful?


Nope curiosity

bobwjr Level 9 July 16, 2019

I inadvertently hover by mistake...if it is the same person all the time, it is because my mouse is hovering over by the recent post visitors, who seem to be the same people in my circle here on this yeah, I probably visit profile pages daily on some people like a deranged stalker, but in reality, I am just clumsy with my mouse...

I do see some daily visitors to my profile, but I figure they are just seeing if I have updated my profile or added pics...nice to have visitors so I go visit back!


I figure it's a passive form of engagement. There are links to all the stuff you wrote here.
Maybe if IM could be modified into a sort of guest book. People sign in, leave a comment. You can build from there if you so choose. Just spitballing here.


How can you tell? When I look at my profile I see a list of visitors but not a count of how many times they visited. Is that a "perk" at level 6 or 7, or are you keeping your own count?


Hard to say but I wonder that as well ... ?

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