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Oh wow... I signed up here, browsed a bit, and then didn't log back on for several days. I didn't expect to have so many messages ???? A couple of guys have extended invitations for dates and while I am very flattered, I'm an incredibly introverted and shy person and I need to get to know a person a little before excepting their offer. I'm also still working on a bit of emotional baggage leftover from ending a marriage that encompassed 1/3rd of my lifetime. I'd love to exchange messages, have conversations, make new friends, and get to know people. If there is a spark of romance or a promising dynamic with a particular person, then I would definitely be open to dating. For the record, I was married at age 20 and I literally have no experience whatsoever with casual dating. And one last thing I would like to put out there... I do not do casual sex or one night stands. I have to take an infection control class every 2 years and I know all too well the horrors that a stranger's bodily fluids may hold ???? So just wanted to be straight about that so if that's what you're looking for I won't waste your time.

Qryzti 4 Jan 20

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How many people do you have "99%" with on here? Lol just wonding if that is very common, I just joined...


Oh, you're going to have your hands full alright. Take your time, be skeptical of everyone and everything people say until either they prove otherwise or you see for yourself, and don't send anyone any money. Have fun and welcome to the zoo!


Lucky you got messages-make sure they are who they say they are. Unfortunately a few scammers have shown up here. We report them to admn. Take your time and feel comfortable. Talk to any prospective suitors on messenger and on the phone Welcome again..If you need advice we look out for each other.


Beauty...a blessing and a curse!

I had to rush to my messages to see if I was among those and was surprised I wasn't, seeing how close you are...

But "dating" me would involve deep discussions of the nature of the universe and hopefully the parts you could play in the art we'd create. I've happily reached that stage in my life where exchanging ideas is much more important than exchanging body fluids.

So, message sent!


what a great honest post. I'm ending a 25 year marriage right now and while I was first drawn to this site in hopes of meeting someone local, I have made some connections that have turned into great 2 way emotional support for someone going through the same thing. Stay true to yourself and explore around and who knows what wonderful folks you'll find


Every chance you take on an emotional level is like buying a lottery ticket to win millions of dollars. The comparison that demonstrates is your odds improve, if you cut the theory of chaos in half by opting for the same numbers every time. So look for traits in people that you can accept and some that might be new to you. Because every time you try your chances of a positive outcome for you improves.


Lol... very good second intro... always remember that body fluids include kissing... stay safe!


The relationship that became my first marriage is about a 1/3 of my life and 5 years passed and I am not sure the baggage is meant for working on... I seem to have just lost pieces of it over the years. The only piece of baggage I worked on, is shortly after the divorce, I put up a photo of us 2 years into our relationship because I missed both of those people. Eventually I forgave us both and then I just stopped caring. Now I'm still just looking for me. It's a different way of looking at things that I think has helped. Good luck!

Know what you mean...


preach it honey!


Not to worry, everyone will respect your wishes here. That’s what comes from being part of a group of critical thinking people.




Coming from an LDS background, I know all to well the Mormon montra of "graduate, serve a mission, get married, raise a family, repeat". -The loss of any long-term relationship is always hard, especially on those first steps. So, just know that there's no timer. Don't feel pressured to "go out and date", because people tell you. You're not really missing out on anything major. Besides, you've already graduated from the college of "been there, done that."

Something that helped me when I re-entered the dating scene was a book by Aziz Ansari called Modern Romance. -I read the book years ago and it's a short, humorous, but highly informative look into the world of dating in the digital age. It also compares the dating habits of countries like France, Brasil, Japan, and various states in the US.
For the sciencey parts, he worked with a sociologist, so there is actual data involved.
It gave me a lot of insight not only into people's motives for dating today, but how it compares with what our parents expected from it, and their parents, etc, etc. It's a bit of an eye-opener and it's also awkwardly charming.

I think a lot of people now-a-days forget that dating is supposed to be a fun, low pressure, light-hearted gathering of two people awkwardly trying to figure if they actually like one another enough to do it all over again. lol
So, for those who were eager to jump at the chance to invite you out...try not to pistol whip them into a coma, they mean well.

Avoid Tinder (unless you just want some fun). It's a meat market, and people treat it like a video game.
It's a jungle out there.
Good luck 😀


Congratulations !!


welcome, and I agree. I would just get to know people and see what happens.


Welcome back and take your time and play by your rules.

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