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How concerned are you about the US government shutting down?

NicThePoet 7 Jan 20

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What government? What we have now is a cluster fuck

Haha. A Mongolian Clusterfuck, to be precise.


I'm really hoping the midterms are a bloodbath, and a lot of these asshats find themselves out of a job. It's the very least they deserve. Too bad they can't take that cheeto-crusted con man with them when they go.

Except we'd have the really scary guy in charge, then. I really don't wasn't some Village of the Damned, uber-christian Race Bannon-looking tool from my home state in charge. You think the Orange Menace is bad...? <shudder>

We need to get rid of a bunch of those liberals like Pelosi and Schumer! I’m sure the republicans will make good gains in the senate as they only have 10 incumbents up and the democrats have 20. With the economy roaring along like it is they should do just fine in the house as well.

@Trajan61 LOL Yeah, okay.

@DobbinPitch I think Mueller is going to take care of Pence. Don't forget, that holy-roller was in charge of the transition. He's in this thing up to his hypocritical eyeballs.

@Trajan61 The economy was doing just as well under Oboma if you were paying attention. If money is all you think about that is really sad.


Pretty concerned... considering contractors do not get retroactive pay... only federal workers...
This CNN article is inaccurate by saying everyone received retroactive pay... last time was for 16 days... load of horseshit!


Bunch of fucking idiots and assholes in D.C.
On a happy note... Friday was birthday!
Yay... another year older.... weeeeeeeeeee. πŸ˜•

@witchymom wish I could say the same... ended up having to find temp work until DC got their hands out of their asses....

@witchymom The only way they can keep you plus their overhead on a contract is ridiculous. Government Contractors are a never lose situation except for the taxpayer that don't know the cost of a contract. Thanks.

@witchymom site was closed also for two days due to bad weather... either flextime, vacation, sick leave or LWOP. Wasn't able to work full 40 this week thanks to weather, holiday, and shutdown...


You watch, this will be the week we get hit by a meteor strike.

(kidding...or am I?)

I like the (kidding...or am I?) Heard it on the comedy movie Spy. Well Done!!!!


i hope people remember this and learn to vote. or not vote for jerks like this.


As concerned as any american receiving 3 checks from retirement and pension. That concerned. And you can't believe every time they tell you Your money is safe this month... but there is always Fucking Next Month!!!!! Motherfuckers!!!!

@witchymom So I gonna party tonight as if it is 1999 then and will take my little sister with me.


I get social security check so it is of great concern. Holding DACA kids hostage-Pubs and herr trump the racist really suck.


Was not aware they were doing anything for the people anyway. They are too busy counting the money they get from all the stocks and oil futures. Repressing technology or chasing callgirls and gigolos. If they actually had to do their jobs they would be lost.


While I don't see it as affecting me so much I am concerned for the millions who are facing work and even pay loss...even though they are expected to stay on the job.

That and the sheer idiocy of it all. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact the 2013 shutdown cost the US taxpayers $20B to cover our "lame duck" leaders' "late bills".

@witchymom ahhh, so was this during the 2013 shutdown...and part of the "late bills"?


I’m not too worried. I’m sure they’ll make a deal soon that screws over everyone equally!


well I did plan to visit independence park in Philly next weekend (hosting guests from out of country) but I guess I won't be doing that. Besides for that I am not worked up about it. My state government shut down last year and it didnt effect me in any way. We had a federal shutdown a few years ago and once again no effect on my life.

If you are a government worker, I do feel bad and hope you get paid soon. However, I would suggest that this would be a good time to look for alternative employment. Especially since we seem to have brought back the old spoilage system.

Truth is the country really does run itself. Most of the important stuff in life is in local government. Your EMTs, Cops, Fire departments, local parks, libraries, road work, the courts, schools, sanitation, mass transit, etc. As long as the services most people use most of the time are still running its not like the country is going to descend into anarchy.


What are you all worrying about? Germany has been without a government since September last year.

LOL Has anyone noticed the difference? πŸ™‚


It is an election year, just like the last time that this bullshit happened.


Not terribly concerned. Although I feel for those who may find themselves out of work at least temporarily I have trouble worrying when one of the organizations responsible for so much corruption has less power for a while.
I think this shutdown combined with the other atrocities of this administration will further bolster the anti corruption movement and ultimately swing elections to give that movement more of a foothold.


So I won't visit a national park.

National parks are still open I hear.


Its happened before it won't last with minimal effect


Not at all. Probably the best work they do is none


Not a great deal. Essentially services continue, the furloughed employees will get some time off, missed pay will be paid to employees once the resolved. It is mostly a publicity stunt. However, it is embarrassing for our Country. I feel Congress should loss pay for the time the government is shut-down. That said, I do believe that voting against the proposed budget are doing the right thing because it is ridiculous. Every bill / proposal brought to vote in Congress and before the President should be a single "clean" bill!


I'm most concerned about the folks that I know who world for the government who are now not going to get paid. Last time, they got an unscheduled two week vacation full of anxiety over how they were going to pay their bills. The only thing worse is the 'essential personnel' who are required to work for free so the wheels don't come off.

Part off me thinks we should just leave it closed so things that we take for granted cease to function, then everyone, especially the Libertarians, can have a little reminder of just what good the federal government actually does, but that's just the part of me who gets excited thinking of disasters and the Zompocalypse, so I shush it... and secretly give it a cookie lol


The shut down isn't too bothersome to me at this point. The reasons do however. This was avoidable if people on both sides in both branches would pull their heads out and work for the people as they were voted in by the people to do. We need to be looking into backgrounds of candidates and being a lot more careful about who we vote for, and why. Pretty words should never be enough. Ever. Pay attention to their voting records in whatever lower offices they have been in before. It tracks what they really feel regardless of what they say. If they haven't actually been in office then what the hell are we putting them in a higher position for to begin with?? Make sure they have some constitutional law schooling and understand they are there to work for us. Otherwise they need to hit the bricks.

AmyLF Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

That would require a level of engagement in the political process that the vast majority of Americans don't want to do, though. Easier to trust Facebook and our local echo-chamber than to do that kind of due diligence before exercising our right as a citizen.

@DobbinPitch MM... maybe. I have run across many who really don't know that they actually can do anything. That was an eye opener. There are a great many who think their only recourse is activism. It goes back to taking this stuff out of schools and people just not knowing how it all works. Back in the 80s when I was still in highschool it was an elective. Most didn't choose it. From talking to people younger I'm hearing they didn't even notice it as an elective even. Many don't even know what's in the constitution or the declaration. Some I've talked to remember discussing it briefly but can't recall actually reading through them. I still think this was done slowly and purposely by the GOP to do exactly what's going on right now. People google for so many things, why not for books on government and how people can get more involved? Why not learn from the sources rather than keep listening to all the hoopla, some of which was put out there purposely just to cause the confusion and distraction. I just don't get it...


It has pretty much been shut down since the Republicans to control of the Congress.



It's just more circus-style theater in the grand scheme of things. It will inconvenience some people, it will greatly inconvenience a few people, it might reduce the amount of wasteful spending for a brief period, but when all is said and done, little or nothing will change.


Not concerned,,,,, money talks... it’s a cat and mouse game at the moment... watch and playing!!!


I'm as concerned as I'd be if church doors were locked. Without operation, neither will be continuing their perpetuation of lies.

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