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That moment when you see a post by a new member who lives relatively close to you and click on it...and then realize it's about a sexual topic in which you have zero interest but now you will be forever shown to be a visitor on that post. Shit.

ProudMary 8 Aug 31

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Haha! Yup. Been there.


Happens all the time. I am like ok I will just leave that where I found it carry on.


Don't worry about it-I don't.


I check out a lot of posts, which, once there, I realize hold no interest for me. Then I leave. Maybe as a female there are repercussions to just showing up on a post without commenting. I certainly don’t worry about it. But then at this stage of my life, I don’t worry about anything. As far as I know there are no thought police on this sight going around making notes of who views what topics.


Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.


More times than not, you just have to click on it, otherwise how can you tell?

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