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Hi. I'm new. I invest, blog, am writing my second book, and love to live in diverse locations. I've lived in Utah, Hawaii, Alaska, Costa Rica, and Cali, and I'm thinking of moving to Malaysia when I meet my next income goal. What about you and your dreams? Anyone else like white water rafting, rainforests, Netflix and riding horses?

Jaded 2 Jan 20

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You sound exciting! I want to sail the world when I hit my financial goals, starting in French Polynesia.


Oh and I'm doing a Whitewater trip in Costa Rica. I have one brother and a sister that have loads of horses and I enjoy riding with them. We are planning a horseback trip to the Wind River mtns this summer. I love Rainforests. And I don't have TV service so Netflix, Hulu, and HBO is what I curl up to on a stormy day. ????


I'm headed to Costa Rica and Panama in two weeks. It's my second time to Costa Rica, I love traveling. In the past 18 months I've been to Colombia twice, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico twice, Nicaragua, Costa Rica. You seem very cool. I live in St George Utah. I have a brother that lives in Vernal Utah and a few friends. How do you like it there? What brought you there? Moving to South Asia would be awesome! I want to go with you! Haha


Hey! I remember you from facebook 🙂


Hi and welcome. I've gone white water rafting in Northern Me, rode horses and like rainforests.
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Welcome to the community. Enjoy your time here.


Welcome to the realm of the realistic. You sound like me with my travels Have lived from easter Pennsylvania to western. Lived in close to Pickens South Carolina. Was stationed in Guam while I was in the Navy. Lived in southern California. Now live in New Mexico .


Hi there, Jaded and welcome! I do the Netflix thing and have ridden horses.

balou Level 8 Jan 20, 2018

Hi Jaded! Welcome!

What do you write? Most of my work is in fantasy fiction genres...I have several samples in my photos.

Pleased to meet you! bows gallantly


All of the above.

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