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This is how I feel lately bouncing around between 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts.

Minta79 7 Aug 31

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Did that once. Not fun.


Worked the night shift (11-7) at Children's Medical Center in the ER as an ambulance driver paramedic during my college years. Whole different reality out there after the sun goes down.


yeah remember that well used to start work at 2pm and fini next day at 3 eventually beer became the answer even though i couldnt remember the question


I'm trying to cut down on caffeine personally, I feel like I'm very slow getting up in the morning. Then again you have to expect that on a Monday I suppose...

Caffeine is on the bottom of the list of things to cut from my life.

@Minta79 Wait... someone just told me, it's not Monday. It's Friday.

Guess I better drink some coffee after all.

@Paul4747 I also work weekends, so calling a Friday Monday is going to fly right under the radar. Lol


Can relate all too well. Had one rotation that was (12-hr shifts) 2 days on 1 1/2 days off, 2 mids on, 2 1/2 off. Someone that didn't work that rotation tried to convince us that it was great because of all the time off.

All that time feeling like a zombie, but unable to sleep because it's purple o'clock?


Lol. I can relate. Night shift Sunday night and day shift on Tuesday.


I did that for a couple of years. I had worked for Smurfitstone container making corrugated cardboard boxes as a machine operator. Sometimes you would get stuck on 16-hour shifts because there were not qualified people to operate the machines.

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