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I've been getting spontaneous private messages from young ladies who I've never spoken to on the public boards and I find it kinda creepy and I thinking that maybe they are scammers or just trying to get followers for commercial purposes, any of you guys or gals received private msgs from unknowns?

sellinger 7 Sep 1

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yeah a cpl the sterling english and almost always a believer status is just a tad of a give away though just spent 10 mins blocking several a lot of the guys on here seem to be following them for some "unknown" reason 😛


What you mean 23 years old daiela from romania that only wants me to see her webcam after i enter my credit card details to confirm my age really a scam ??? You jest !!

Nono that's not a scam keep sending the cash lol


I have had a few. Scammers have found their way here too. They can be fun to play with just as long you keep your wits about you...wits and credit card numbers!


They are, without a doubt, flocking the site. At least a couple every day. Some are porn actresses. Google reverse image search tells you a lot. They almost always list themselves as a believer and they always immediately follow about 20 older men. Keep your red flag antenna up and remember if it serms too good to be true, it probably is.

Yes they follow many


I get a lot of messages form ladies that start like "I don't know if you remember me, but..." and I am gay, so i know they are scammers. Some are actually pretty entertaining to read though.


Yep whenever that happens I tell them that they're scammers they get really pissed off and try to deny it then they go away and never contact me again


It is scammers, I have had several as well. Their profiles usually give them away. They can`t create comprehensive ideas they are relatively easy to spot. They often omit verbs or use them inapparently in their typing from what I have seen.


I used to, but I think it was an altogether different scenario.

While, you are attractive and engaging, this sounds suspicious.

Oh thanks alot, that makes feel better lol just kidding...

@sellinger I'm saying, if they haven't interacted with you, how are they to know that you're engaging?

@Donotbelieve exactly... I was only kidding

@sellinger Pardon, tone is lacking. I should have known...sigh.

Always with the jocularity. 🙂


Probably scammers. I got a PM from somebody I'm pretty sure is a scammer. Said he was a civil engineer and as soon as I said I did legal work, poof, gone. The thing is, he was a level 4!

Haha I gotta try that


It's your beard. Very jealous.


NOOOOOOO.... What's your secret??? ??

My secret is.... Oh wait.. It's a secret lol

@sellinger close !! ??


Not me...but im pretty new


I've noticed an influx of scammer profiles lately.


I had a few, and blocked them pretty quickly. If the messages are setting off your skeevey alarms, listen to your instinct and let them go.

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