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One reason that I have a cat is so, when I hear creepy sounds at night, I can say "Oh, that's just the cat" and ignore them.

By Duke8
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If I hear strange sounds at night... I tend to get up to see what the cats are into.


I used to have a golden and a cat. I'd sometimes take naps during the day with the dog behind me and the cat in front. I'd dream I heard the doorbell (frequent recurring dream.) I'd check the critters. If they were still sleeping I knew it was a dream. Chief, the golden, was convinced that the doorbell meant visitors for him and he did a happy dance as soon as he heard it. No way to sleep through the doorbell if he was in the house or on the bed. 75 pounds of happy dance does that to you. The cat simply hid when she heard the doorbell. Now if I hear creepy sounds at night I have a baseball bat in the closet. Last creepy sound was the robovac going on at night. I needed to do some reprogramming....


You are absolutely right LOL

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