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I'd like to see an assortment of groups added to this site. How about you?

ConnieR 5 Jan 20

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it's going down the road of the lowest common denominator fast enough thank you


it seems just fine to me


What kind of groups? I message people for a variety of reasons. Possible to chat about experiences on site-since late November for me.


Interesting concept. I'm all for it.


Not sure what you mean.


Do you mean like a Midwest group? Or a Stitch and Bitch group. A Baby Boomer group? A cat lovers group? How are we/you defining groups?


Good idea 😉 Yes, I've been working on it the last few days and hope to have the first event posting for it as well later this week.

Admin Level 8 Jan 20, 2018

sounds awesome-haven't connected with anyone in NE-smaller pool-but connecting nationwide-talked about traveling with a couple of members here.

@sassygirl3869 Ooooh!!! Rent a bus, put a banner on the side that reads, "Non-believers Tour 2018". Have t-shirts and hit all the megachurches!!! LOLOL (I amuse myself)

@KKGator Sounds like a good way to get rocks thrown at the head.

@FrayedBear We can mount water guns on the roof, and shoot back. And fire super-soakers out the windows.

@KKGator lol Wouldn't you prefer flame throwers and grenade launchers? ... oh and scythes attached to the wheels! If they believe in hell give it to them?
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@FrayedBear Nah. I don't want to kill them, just piss 'em off a little!

@KKGator Alittle? They do it to us all the time! Don't fall for this "turn the other cheek" dogma.

@FrayedBear No worries. I'm not "turning the other cheek". I'm just a little more civilized than they are. Although, if they piss me off enough, instead of water, there might be acid in those super-soakers! 😉

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