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They must have had a budget cut in the advertising department ... 😉

evestrat 8 Jan 20

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'Essential Everyday'? Supervalu? We have that brand up here at Cub grocery stores. You have that down there too?


I'm convinced that Grapenuts are made from guava seeds. They might as well be diamonds forged in the center of the sun. But, yeah, "Nutty Nuggets" sounds somewhat uninspired. 😛



@twshield Do you mean Aldi is headquartered in Europe? I go shopping there every week.

@twshield I love the place. They have some the big name brands and some of the "copy" brands are as good as the original at a much lower price.

@twshield Indeed. 🙂👍



Are they really nutty or just, you know, blaaah?


Wow!! So appealing....

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