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Ok so who here is from the Midwest of the United States and had a chance to see the Meteor that exploded some where near Ann Arbor, Michigan on the night of January 16th., I seen it and im in Illinois near the northwest Indiana border, at first I thought it was a small plane on fire, then I thought meteor maybe, would like to hear if some seen it or have seen one before

ScienceBill72 7 Jan 20

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Apparently from what i heard it was only several feet across, the videos i have seen clearly were of a fireball , and the object i saw was traveling in the direction it was reported in so, probably way to small for NASA to track


I saw a fireball driving through Rhode Island years ago, around 1980 or so. Pretty cool sight.

godef Level 7 Jan 20, 2018

Nope, I missed it, and I'm in Plainfield , Indiana. Wish I had. That would've been cool! Sign from God and all that lol


First I have heard about it. What was the speculated size?

Idk. Produced a 2.0 earthquake and fire on the ground, so it didn't burn up on entry. Close call.

@EllenDale How did NASA miss that one?

@MrLizard They most likely knew about it it hit the wrong place though. If it could have just gotten off course a few miles and taken out congress. They would not have to have shut down we could get a clean start.

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