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I have a friend at the Women's March in Omaha today. She and her daughter are there (daughter is about 5). Daughter has a sign that says "If you build the wall" and Mom's says "I will raise my girl to tear it down." I think that is perfect!

HippieChick58 9 Jan 20

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You know... your comment lead me to think about a little lady with her daughter in China with similar sign and the damn great wall still there. It is a tourist attraction. Sad thing is... trump wall could end up being a tourist attraction to two different countries and multiple cultures and americans will care less because is a tourist attraction!!!!! While station in Stuttgart Germany... there is inside the Vaihingen Nato Base a piece of the Berlin wall turned into a memorial.

I was in Stuttgart, my middle daughter was born there, she'll be 30 this year.

@HippieChick58 Stuttgart, once the home of 12 american run bases during the hype of the Cold War. 200,000 servicemen back in the day. I heard the phrase... "No bigger than Stuttgart". City with no pre-WW2 buildings because was levelled by Allied Bombing... looking for that armor factory. The factory was under the only place never bombed because it was a soccer stadium. The factory was below it. Miles of tunnels for the tanks. German ingenuity. I could had marry to my 6'2" Bavarian/Arian girl friend but she didn't wanted to leave Germany and I couldn't live that far from my 3 kids. My last duty station DISA Europe. Great country and people the Germans. And to think once were our enemies and you couldn't feel bitterness from their part... Now here the confederates is another story and... "the south should rise again".


I live down here in Texas, and boy did the women here turn out. I've been so depressed the past few years since we moved back here to be near the kids and grandkids. I left Texas in 2004 and moved up to Nebraska where my oldest son was living at the time. I met my husband while there and we married in 2006. My son finished his military service and moved back to Texas, but my husband didn't want to move back then. I finally convinced my husband to move down after he got cancer and I needed a little help taking care of him. I was never so sorry I had moved back after seeing how bad the state had become while I was in Nebraska. I've met a few Democrats since moving back, but most of the Dems are so cowed by the repubs. I am hopeful that the progressive women in Texas will stand up and push as many of these horrible repubs out of office as possible. I am so worried about my 4 grand daughters, and the crap that they will have to contend with if we don't get these funnymentalist nuts out of our government. Watching all the women and men this weekend at all the different marches really brightened my weekend, and gave me hope that the folks with a heart and brain will help us get rid of the orange turd and his so called government!!


They build tunnels , tunnels work too Donald . They also worked in the Gaza Strip, so really, _Wall "Don't Work". If anything , they just raise the price of the tunnels. As far as sensors go, they build a series of short tunnels, setting off the alarm , doing intentional damage to the point to where they are no longer effective or even working . I don't think they will go to this extent in the Middle East, but over here where there is really Uuge money it , I see just that happening.

Dougy Level 7 Jan 21, 2018

This is a beautiful example of why those in power will not succeed in shoving their fascist agenda down our throats. I would agree that we have to resist in every way not to be "good germans".

Oh, now I'm offended. I'm German ... by origin. But it's fine, I know what you mean, and I hope to God (wrong word in this group) well I hope like hell, whatever, I hope the USA and all the good people living there will beat this calamity that has befallen the nation.


Most people get here on lighter than air a wall is just stupid


My daughter works as a civil engineer. They mostly work at improving and maintaining our infrastructure. Instead of building a wall, and then tearing it down, lets build some roads, bridges that are needed.


My friend carried one that said "I've seen smarter cabinets at IKEA".


That's pissah! As we say in Boston..


Really. Isn't there one between Mexico, and, Guatamala?

If there is , you can be fairly certain that there are tunnels under it , & people flying over it . . .

True. According to that border, it isn't very well put together...but, still.


Awesome-you must be so proud of your friend @HippieChick58.

I worked with her in my previous job, one of the hardest working, straightest shooting women I've had the pleasure to know. I lost track of her after I changed jobs, and we encountered each other at the march last year. She is an awesome woman and awesome mom.


So many more important issues that need address. Is about time to drop the stinking wall idea.


Oh yes it is....wonderful

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