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Today is the first day of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Suicide can affect anyone so please learn the warning signs and save a life.

Warning Signs:
Threatening or planning suicide
Giving away possessions
Making out wills
Despairing texts or posts
Feelings of failure or shame
Signs of major depression
Avoiding friends
Risky behaviors
From-Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services
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CaroleKay 8 Sep 1

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In just copy and pasted it. I'm sure there are more. I lost a loved one to suicide and there were lots of signs and many attempts. We did what we could do, but he slipped through the cracks in the broken system. You can offer support and help, but saving someone really has to come from the one afflicted.

Jolene Moyan


The suicide for veterans was at 22% have not check if the stats have changed.


I'm disappointed by the negative comments here -- I'm a teacher and I see many kids who come from mental, physical, and sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, etc. who need people to watch out for them and help them when they turn to thoughts of suicide. They need someone to talk to, someone to listen, and you might not even know it because even adults don't know how to ask for help without feeling weak or vulnerable. I know people that have called the suicide hotline. I wish my ex lover had, he killed himself five years ago this week and as far as I knew life was going well. Suicide prevention does not target elderly people with terminal illnesses, it's for people who need help but don't know how to ask for it. It's a mental health issue gone unchecked, which we all know is at the bottom of most of our 'to-do' lists.

Since you can't delete comments, I just ignore them. Some people refuse to educate themselves or learn anything outside of their little worlds. Thank you for your voice and your wise comments, this needs to be heard and on repeat.


Thank you for this.


Good post....everyone should know this information. I did a course last year on this very topic and thank you for highlighting it. Prevention and awareness are vital.


I've drafted a will, it's just good sense. No feelings of suicide here, I'm happygolucky


Having Scizoaffective disorder, Suicidal thoughts are something I deal with almost every day.
The time when it hits me the most is when I first wake up.
At that point I haven't taken my medication yet So most of my symptoms are fairly strong.
It's not usually about depression, i just feel this overwhelming sense of, I just don't think i can deal with another day.

Thankfully I have a great therapist and we've worked on some tools to use to minimise those kind of thoughts.
where it used to be in my head for hours, sometimes all day, Ive learned to have it only last for about an hour, and then I'm fine.

I don't know why it happens because most of the time I really enjoy life.
But Schizoaffective disorder isn't ever going to go away or be cured, So I work hard at dealing with combating the symptoms that I endure.

That's one of the reasons I volunteer at the homeless shelter.
Helping people gives me the sense of feeling that I am worthy of being alive, and I am not as damaged as the voices try to tell me.

Yes, it is a struggle sometimes, but I honestly believe it's worth the fight.

How do you know for sure there will not be a cure? Couldn't there be a new drug or surgery coming ? All I can say is, enjoy your time here as long as you can. Only you know your limit.

Keep trying to be positive. With your medication, therapy and attitude of mind there is nothing you can’t do.

@Marionville Thanks, and I agree, staying positive helps a lot.
Sometimes it's a little hard, but for the most part I try to stay away from negativity.


Fighting the urge.


All but the top two sound like me.

Please seek out a support group, you have one here. ♥

@CaroleKay You guys are my support group. And don't worry, I'm a survivor. Putting my angst into a book, author therapy. My problem is incurable, beyond my control, so I have to just deal with how it affects me.


If I get another message from someone I don't know that's acting like they care if I die or not because they're "Concerned" about the tone of some of my post I'll just quit the forum.
We have way to many people as it is, I'm all for voluntary herd thinning.
Just keeping it real.


Not sure what could be done with just talking to someone, if someone is truly depressed, since chemicals in the brain are involved.

I always went for hormone balancing herbs to stop the despair, and now that I'm taking cannabis oil to treat cancer, it is incredibly calming and makes me feel peaceful and hopeful.

Other helpful info:

BBC News - Magic mushrooms can 'reset' depressed brain []

Also, CBD oil, sold in most health food stores, has been shown to relieve depression and anxiety.

"A 2015 study concluded that CBD oil is a promising treatment for numerous forms of anxiety, including social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Link: []


Thanks for posting, I do not want to hear about missing someone I could have helped.


I am not so sure they are all the signs. Impulse suicide is very common and doesn’t have any pre-planning. No notes, unexpected, inexplicable. Also a sudden good turn in mood is a predictor- once the person has made the decision and plan, they may feel content and relieved because they have found a “solution”. I have been depressed since I can remember. The one thing on that list that, for me, is most missed by others is being withdrawn and socially avoidant. Because I am ostensibly “normal” and function well, especially at work, people don’t know I am shutting down when I get home. My family and friends who live thousands of miles away don’t really call or text at the weekend to see how I am. They assume no news is good news, despite knowing I have depression. I would advise friends who are aware of their loved ones’ mental health issues, to check regularly to ask “how are you?” or just chat about the weather. It could make a difference. Anyway, that’s my view.

Livia Level 6 Sep 2, 2018

In just copy and pasted it. I'm sure there are more. I lost a loved one to suicide and there were lots of signs and many attempts. We did what we could do, but he slipped through the cracks in the broken system. You can offer support and help, but saving someone really has to come from the one afflicted.

@CaroleKay I am very sorry you lost someone that way. It must be very difficult to deal with - I can’t imagine. But you are right, people afflicted need to want to save themselves. That’s the challenge, and most of the time I am pleased to say I am fighting successfully. I just wanted to remind others that even though a depressed person wants to with draw, do drop ins, talk on the phone and send texts - engaging with withdrawn people let’s them know they still matter to others.


I have known so many that's has taken their own lives and it is a very sad thing. ?

It's extremely hard to cope with losing someone this way. You never get over it. I'm sorry. Xoxo. ♥

@CaroleKay thank you, it is a very hard thing to understand why ?

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