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So I lost a woman I loved because I would not compromise on my skeptic approach and realistic understanding of our universe and our existence. Why is it that folks don’t find the understanding that we are from and of this universe to be enlightening, awe inspiring and majestic? To know I came from the remnants of exploded stars past and gone gives me great solace and connection to our universe and planet. Emotions are a tough thing. I am reflecting on how to be a more complete man as I still have my flaws and I am not afraid to know them and myself.

Wellness to all.

machus1 5 Sep 2

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When we have 'right' on our side it is sometimes difficult to be patient and respectful when someone has an opposing philosophy. I think it was your lack of compromise that caused the breakup


It's not because you would not, because how could you? While we can be persuaded with convincing evidence, we can't exactly control what our minds will or will not accept. I'm so sorry your relationship tanked and that you're hurting so much from it. Trust me when I say that you're young and there is still a a good probability that you will find someone compatible whom you can love.

Deb57 Level 8 Oct 27, 2018

It's hard to have a relationship with someone with whom you don't share those basic values. There will be another, more suitable, women, hopefully, someday.


I’m on your side. Losing religion gave me such a sense of wonder.


Most not all religious people, that I've met or conversed with are close minded. They get stuck in thier beliefs. I've had conversations with Hindus that are very open minded. I don't care what people believe, we can all coexist. Once your open your mind, no need for orginized religion. Find what you love, do that for the rest of your life.


I wouldn't even consider starting a relationship with a religious person. Eeew.


Yes,I've been there myself,with a rational understanding of science and how Planetary motions affect us in subtle ways.


I've been there, and it sucks, but it's far better to be true to yourself

JimG Level 8 Sep 2, 2018

I had the same experience almost 60 yrs ago. I still miss her. I am planning to call her on her birthdeay just tol let her know.


Often a loss turns out to be a net gain. Not making light of the loss, just being realistic about the possible outcome.

@Sirena -- Have you been back to Puerto Rico since the last hurricane?

@evidentialist no I have not ?
My mom went a few months after, trying to convince my aunt to come visit us for a while. All of my family elders are on the island (except my mom). Plus some of our newer generations stayed and returned to rebuild.

@Sirena -- I do luvs me Puerto Rico. ¿Hablas español y si lo haces, todavía lo usas?

@evidentialist por supuesto! ?

@Sirena -- Bueno.


Better to know when someone would rather wallow in their delusions than
face life with someone who prefers to deal with the truth of things.

Doesn't make it any easier to deal with, but you're better off in the long run.

@irascible Thank you.


Loosing people is not always bad. Why would you wanna be with someone that holds you from a universe prospective.
One day not far you will see that not all losses are bad.


I hope your not classifying your 'skeptic approach' as a flaw. That would be sad 😟
I'm sorry for your loss in love. I could throw out a bunch of cliches but I really don't think they will help. Pain tends to numb us to everything else.
Obviously your beliefs are very important to you and maybe you can find peace in knowing that you did not compromise on your belief system. I think that you may have averted a lot of pain further down the road.


I lost my wife and my children for the same reason. It's not their fault, they are in a high control cult, namely Jehovah's Witnesses. The carrot of a second unending life is very hard to shake off. Realistically it's a stick with no carrot. Brainwashed and desensitized to what is really important. My children have not spoken to me in five years. Not my choice and certainly not to my liking. Best of luck to you, it can be hard living in reality. I wouldn't have it any other way.


I respect you and your search for true knowledge.
I hope you recuperate from this sad loss.


In a situation such as this, if the relationship is to continue, both parties need to be willing to tolerate the deeply held (and often indoctrinated) beliefs of the other party. Without such acceptance, both parties are better off abandoning the relationship.
The example set by living well is usually more effective than debate.

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