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Went to church this morning with my family. It’s getting harder and harder to sit through these services. I look around at many sincerely happy people who just don’t know anything else and trust completely anything and everything that comes from the pulpit. I want to get up and testify and read some scriptures about slavery and then just say how true and wonderful the Bible is and then just sit back down. I wonder if they would clap and say amen or would it even click that I just read scriptures supposedly from God that condone slavery??? ??‍♀️ I can’t wait to move. I’m so close to freedom.

CoCoCatina 4 Sep 2

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I have never been a christian but i can say i was a stubborn youth, and if i had been born into a christian family who tried to take me to a church service -- well, let's say more than one -- i'd have balked. after a while i didn't even go to bar mitzvahs, and insisted on being left behind. (i now regret that; i might have kept in contact with more pretty cool relatives, once we all grew up.) but a couple times a year, i accompany my still-believing fiancé to shul, for the high holidays (coming up) or when they're going to read his dead parents' names. i don't mind. the sermons are very humanistic and i find them interesting. i like hearing the shofar blown. the quotations in the back of the prayer book are extremely thought-provoking. the prayers themselves get repetitious, and of course there's this whole god thing... but i can tolerate that. i just think of it as metaphorical, or perhaps a discussion of a fictional character. we don't read stuff condoning slavery. we read about how to be better to each other and take care of the world. okay, it says do it because this god thing wants us to, but just because a fictional character wants it, that doesn't make recyling, or helping the poor, or ending slavery (a large part of the point of passover) wrong. so i don't suffer as i might in a church, even though i am an atheist and hold no gods. i suppose somewhere there is a boring rabbi droning on about something in which i'm not interested. i have not met him or her yet. i'm lucky! then again, as i say, a couple times a year, not only to make my guy happy but because if it's not something i am compelled to do but something that is legitimately interesting, that helps. every week? no, i couldn't do that. make the sabbath? i would have to say a lot of god stuff in which i did not believe; i won't do that. it would be hard to see it as metaphorical under those circumstances. i feel sorry for you having the experience in church that you have, and hope you gain your freedom soon.



On the recommendation of a neighbor, my wife and I saw a performance of a stage musical the other day and she reacted to it exactly like you are to church. To her it was noisy and vacuous and boring and let me out of this place. We left early. I, like most of the people there, could enjoy it for what it was, which was a piece of cultural fluff with impressive and talented singers and dancers. My wife, who doesn't like crowds to begin with, just felt suffocated. And she's a 70's classic rock / R&B gal, not broadway. Everyone's different.

Of course church often lacks talented speakers or singers or musicians, so there's that. It's hard to produce several hours of original content a week using volunteers, so especially in the nuttier denominations you end up with people who don't have a clue how to put on a show. And in fact take pride in making it boring, because that's more "spiritual".

And at least a stage play knows it's fluff; a church thinks it's transcendent and profound.


?? Why do you go? Just say you don't believe in such nonsense, and ignore invitations to go.

Whenever anyone brings up religion, look bored, mumble, "Um-hum..that's nice," and leave the room. For a long time.

Keep doing that until people are trained to avoid talking about religion.

If they try to force you go, just say that you don't feel well, and go read a book.


Think I would be so boarding that I would just start counting thing to pass the time. I have sat in a church mass, I have wonder if they ever really listen to the jibber jabber they are spewing.


Sounds like you’ll appreciate freedom more than most. Glad you’re here ~

Varn Level 8 Sep 2, 2018
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