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Halloween is my favorite holiday! Every Halloween I make jello shots. I'm always looking for some new flavor ideas . Anybody have any favorite jello shot recipes?

Kojaksmom 8 Sep 2

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I've made them with moonshine before... not bad

My parents live in the mountains of North Carolina and I did have the ability to get some GOOD homemade moonshine. Unfortunately all my sources have dried up.?


Look up pink starburst jello shots. I just had some at a party recently and they were great.

They do look good and they have Cool Whip in them! Nice!


I don't drink anymore however some once told me Frangelico would make a good jello shot.

Ill look into that. My old standby is Sailor Jerry spiced rum.


This should be interesting. I've never had a jello shot that didn't taste like someone trying to poison my jelli with cleaning fluids & I would really like to find a successful flavor.

Lol! Jello shots are a bit like drunk gummy bears. they're not for everybody.

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