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There is no way of knowing how many chameleons might be in your house right now. SWEET DREAMS TONIGHT!!!

By Duke8
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That's okay - not sure I have chameleons, but I do know I've got a few geckos in my home, eating all the tasty bugs that might other wise be eating me.

Julie808 Level 7 Sep 5, 2018

We actually had that problem one night when I was a kid. My sister lost her chameleon. We found it two days later. It was on the drapes, exact same color as the drapes.


Chameleons in Michigan? I don't think so


I have cats, I'm safe!


Mine keep taking the form of crickets.


Oh dear....I'm afraid my cat might be hunting them!


Or spiders, scorpions, roaches, mice, worms, bed bugs....uuufff its a freaking zoo !!

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