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Hello all. I just had a general musing on the likelihood of America ever living up to the promise of maintaining a wall of separation between church and state. I live in a country where it is considered protected speech for a shop owner to deny service to someone based solely on their sexuality since that conflicts with their religion's teachings, which to me shows that civil rights come after religious rights. What if the bible taught that black people were cursed by the mark of Cain and were lesser for it in the eyes of god (which the book of Mormon actually states), would the lawmakers pushing for the tragically ironic "religious freedoms" act back a shop owner denying service to a black person because of their religious teachings?

Jahrta 4 Sep 4

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Religious nuts can try anything.


Religious nuts can try anything.


Churches and similar entities such as the NFL, get to do business tax free. How very nice. A shitload of injustice and they get a gift.

EMC2 Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

The constitution is full of religious connotation until it is written with better wording we are screwed for the separation of church and state. They will have you sware on a bible about that lol.


Yes, it's sad. Luckily, the upcoming Millinnial generation is starting to vote and they're much less religious than their parents.

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