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'God is a terrible money manager, always asking for a handout and by the following Sunday he's broke ass and begging for spare change all over again'.

Surfpirate 9 Sep 4

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They also need a better carpenter that bloody roof is always leaking !!!

I had a carpentry crew that used to do work for me but the church was always calling them off to work on their special projects for free. I finally had to stop using that crew because they were unreliable and wouldn't honour their contractual obligations to me when the church called. God before Mammon is what they would say, so I cut off the mammon I was paying them on a hotel job they were framing for me and billed them for the delays and knock on costs associated with their breach of contract.


You know it's hard out here for a pimp...


Yes Jesus loves you but he really needs your money.


Given the Christian story of the talents you'd think their money management skills would be better. I guess in the UK they need to downsize their buildings to fit the current trends which is kind of impossible as they're monuments now. A Jehovah's Witness I know reckons that all the old churches should be knocked down!

The JW's are getting bolder, they just used to talk about those sorts of things in hushed whispers in the hopes that Jehovah would hear them and send his host of angels to destroy the works of Satan the Devil. lol What a sadistic cream dream.

@Surfpirate it's not just him then, it's part of their, 'culture', wowsers!


But how can Joel Olsteen afford his yacht if we don't give money to God. ?


I think its pretty clear that churches are simply closed ecosystem businesses that need people with blind faith and who ignore their cognitive dissonance.


The kid's no good with money either but he's good at collection enforcement.

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