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Fred Guttemberg, Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Snubbed by Judge Kavanaugh

sassygirl3869 9 Sep 4

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The racists are happy because Gutenberg sounds Jewish to them.


I saw the entire play out of this. It made my stomach turn knowing this giant POS will likely be on SCOTUS


I am absolutely disgusted that this is moving forward. A man, who if he wasn't president, would be under indictment, is being allowed to appoint a supreme court justice that will preside over his own case when it reaches the supreme court. GOP rushing through Kavanaugh and wouldn't even meet with Garland. This is not how our government was intended to function. I'm sick over this.

We now have a lawless government.


Another low life swamp rat being foisted on us by the POS Potus.


Judge Kavanaugh is just another piece of garbage floating to the top of Trumps landfill.

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