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So, based on my question about what political affiliation you most connect with, I notice that most members are "Left leaning" or socialist leaning. My question now is as follows:

Do your political beliefs come from an intellectual place, or an emotional one?

AlphaHellhound 4 Jan 21

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If you read George Lakoff you'll realize EVERYONE bases their politics on their moral values. Although you can come up with intellectual justifications after the fact for values that's not really how they are decided. We've evolved to have moral emotions...empathy, a sense of fairness, etc. Even other animals have that to some extent.


I think that they came from the context of being a baby boomer, born 1948 post war - people hopeful
and easy - given that bombs weren't on the menu - Also my parents both had mental health problems - father from being in the air force in the war mother a welder on the docks in the freezing cold - And suddenly, a prosperity! Everyone totally loving 'new ' new fashions new food coming in exciting times, children having such capacity to roam as we pleased parents not scared to let us out- plus I went to a Free school we had to work ta something, but we could follow our own inclinations about what we learned.New freedoms were on the menu. I joined C.N.D with my friends and went on the Aldermaston marches rallied against Verwoerdt on the steps of South Africa House. it was an exciting time to feel that you had some sort of power - So I think my political beliefs, Co-operation Mutual Aid, Equality were all formed at that point in History. My parents were not political in that sort of sense but they never stopped us and my older brother went to stop the blackshirts from marching in the East End. I think that the war had brought people together and until the Maggie Thatcher era we were still together.


Intellectual, I read what's out there on everyone and go fact checking My posts on Facebook have made me realize how few people read or study to get informed. They just believe what people tell them. My mother is 87 and a televangelist. She is totally stupid. We no longer communicate. I lost my mother because my political belief system was not Trump. Not only that, probably lost my inheritance too.


I am a registered Democrat. That is what I am to that point. I would never put a Republican in office. The GOP is going to die soon. Anyone who had any connection to Trump has ruined their political career. I am an activist. I have many causes. Humanity, Politics, Animals, and person, place, or thing I can help in some way. I have a very busy page on Facebook. I am also on Twitter. If you are a Trophy killer, don't ever even speak to me. You are a subhuman species.


Both. To me (IMHO), it just makes sense to keep the population down, and feed the people who are living. We have the capability, but not the agreements between the governments and religions to do so, which sucks.

A more educated, more middle class society is more peaceful and more productive.

Intellectually, and emotionally, it seems that this should be what we strive for.


Absolutely both. However, although I firmly believe in science, my main reasoning behind my leftist ideals are for moral reasons. I have a strong belief in human equality which is my daily driver.

Very well stated, young lady. We must maintain a balance.


I think both.


I attempt to have a view point which is evidence based. I believe in long term investments over short term gains. If someone makes a statement, I expect that statement to be backed up by evidence. If you're just throwing ideas out there because they "make sense" or is "common sense", then you aren't making any sense.


Both. In graduate school studied intellectual history, political theory, philosophy among other topic -- and I have devoted much thought and study to American politics. I also have strong attachments to the reasoned and moral stands I take. BUT, please understand that I am also vehemently opposed to Marxism in any of its forms, because Marxism is another terribly flawed total system ideology like religion.


I have come to the view that there is no left or right leanings.This is a false divide,what we actually have in society is a vertical divide,not a horizontal one. The real didvide is between our decison makers and the holders of power/wealth,who are above the line and all the rest of us who are below that line.
So you are either part of that so called "elite" or you are not. Those above the divide are quite happy for the majority to go on believing that there is a left/right divide.
Generally these above the liners do not really disturb the order of things too much, those that do are usually removed or discredited,so you either get with the programme and do do not rock the boat too much or you lose influence.This is why nothing really changes whoever we vote in.


My intellectual solutions to political problems are triggered by my emotional assessment of the issues


Logic and reason.


I’d like to think they come from an intellectual place. I try to look at both sides. I’ve seen memes out there about Trump that are obviously false. I don’t think Sarah Huckabee Sanders does her makeup like Halloween. Things like that. I always try to keep in the back of my mind that every party thinks theyre right (and every politician is corrupt) and it’s an all or nothing sort of thing. I’m liberal but I constantly question myself with things like “what if I didn’t know the party regarding this issue? Would I agree or disagree?” shrugs it helps I guess.

SOOO much of the anti-trump campaign is driven by emotion which is why it's so hard to organize any effective resistance to oppose that which is bad and any assistance for that which is good.


Mine come from a purely intellectual one. Emotions are only useful in interacting with people one on one. They have no place in making decisions for masses of people.

In other words, I don't care how you "feel" about an issue; I'm only interested in what you "think" about the issue.


Forward thinking ideas seem to come from the left. Libertarians get some occasionally.

MikeJ Level 4 Jan 21, 2018

I think, in general, extreme political views are very much emotionally driven. The closer to center, the less likely emotion is the primary force. It seems more moderate views, leaning conservative or liberal, libertarian or authoritarian, are more likely to be reasoned positions without the knee-jerk response when contradictory information is presented. It's easier near the middle to adjust one's views based on new evidence than when one is at the fringes. But we're all human and fall victim to illogical perspectives from time to time. /2¢


I believe that the government needs to look out for the common good of all people, especially those that are more vulnerable: elderly, young, and/or differently-abled. It is both intellectual and emotional. The government needs to set standards because private business isn't. Look at big pharma and medicine. People should be put before profit. No company should have the CEO making 1000 times what his employees make. The hoarding of wealth is one of the major ills of our society.

But aren't the CEOs responsible for those high profits? Without profit, what motivation do people have to improve their product?

@AlphaHellhound No the CEO is not responsible for those high profits. Not totally anyway. I have my hand in creating my company's profits and compensation needs to be more equal.

Actually the officers of a company are responsible for the profits. A quality management team will make or break a company. The guy who cleans the toilet has no effect on the company's success.


I myself base my political ideology on both. Emotionally I just want the government to leave me, and everyone else alone. It's none of the governments business to run our daily lives. Intellectually I understand that some people are incapable of caring for themselves, but I also know that it should not forced upon us to care for those people. Social programs like welfare and universal healthcare require those who are productive members of society to pay for those who are not. I see this as theft, and therefore, WRONG.

Those who don't make much money, and work their asses off, are the one's people are willing to help. Those who sit on their asses and choose not to work, are the one's that deserve to starve to death.

That's the populist mentality of today and it is extremely short sighted.

What you seem to not understand is these programs are a safety net, an insurance if you will, against having to deal with a far worse situation later on. Neglecting these does not save you money, for we all pay for the ills of society sooner or later, in more ways than one.

They were designed as a safety net, they have turned into a way of life.

Generational poverty is a thing and teaches people they are not worth as much as they really are. Can you differentiate between the people who have been taught at birth that their way of living is the way it is versus those who have discovered the safety net and decided to just not work hard?

I don't see the difference. We all start off shitting in diapers, but we learn to use the bathroom. Why can't these poorly educated individuals learn how not to be dregs of society? The answer is because they choose not to.

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