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A perfect metaphor for my life would be "someone trying to stand up in a hammock".

Duke 8 Sep 5

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Just put the hammock flat on the floor and voila !!! .... Told'ya, I am a problem solver !! ?


Dude. But, for real, though.


How about add, while balancing a jello mold crown to that mix.


The roofing crew had arrived here and were about to start work on the roof , as soon as the supervisor showed up / One of the waiting construction workers turned around and sat on the hammock . He wound up on the ground under it . He was not hurt . Everyone had a good laugh .


Mine is a hungry, asthmatic, chain smoker bobbing for apples.


I would love to see somebody try that LOL

I have a video of my kid trying it and landing on his ass.

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