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I took care of my granddaughter last night, she's just over a year old. I think it is so amazing to know that the ovum that she came from was formed in her mother while her mother was still part of my body. Biology is amazing! I "knew" being a grandmother was going to be cool, but really it is so way beyond cool.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 21

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My first child[now dead:killed in an avalanche]; was my wife's by a previous relationship. I fell in love with him before my wife. We proceeded to have three girls in about six years.I have five grandchildren but will probably not have any great grandchildren.

I am so sorry for your loss. There is nothing so painful as losing a child.


I can never forget my 2 daughters sleepy faces one hour old each and their blue eyes like mine but inseparable from our shared biology was the radiant beauty of their mothers


Grandkids are really Great!!!!!! I even got attached to a grand puppy... lol

Before the grandbaby came along there were (and still are) grand critters. The three girls have 5 cats and a dog between them. The grand critters are great, but the granddaughter is so much more amazing.


OK, I have to say that the thought is pretty awesome, not that I will ever experience that being a guy, but yesterday I was explaining to my son how I can't understand his mother being selfish, all I do is for my kids, and I have projects at present that will be my legacy to them. I explained that they are part of me, much like when a starfish grown from an arm of another, it is pretty much an extension of the life of the original.


Native American males go out to find their spirit guide. Aboriginal Australians do the same. Their women do not. It is felt that women who can give life already have their spirit guide.


My mom comes to visit spoils the kids. She kids me calls me Mr. mom


I find it amusing when people of faith call child birth a miracle, something which has occurred billions, if not trillions, of times before. It's working like it's supposed to. Nothing miraculous about it.

I am a two-time grandfather, along with having six children of my own. I enjoy them very much and have a great time teaching and guiding them to being productive and caring members of society 🙂


I worry that when I adopt a child (in the near future!) that bond will be missing between them and my mother, she adores all of her grandchildren but of course has known them since birth... how do you think you would feel in that case, how can I ease a kid into the mix that's already a few years old, any advice? 🙂

I may not share a genetic bond with an adopted child, but if my child decided to call a child born of another mother her own child, I will back her up 100% and love that child with all the passion and dedication I have for a child of the blood. (One of my kids has been considering adoption.) The genetic bond is amazing, but every child deserves to be loved and I have love enough for all the children my children will grace my life with. As for your mom, have you discussed this with her? Does she have any reservations. Just spending time with a child gets the bonding hormones going.

@HippieChick58 I have not told anyone in my family my plans yet, because they'll make a big deal about it and expect everything to be quick and easy, and they'll get annoyed if I take my time making decisions, lol...

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