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Did you know the Baby Boomers are no longer the largest demographic. The number of millennials (aged 18+, ie voting age) now exceeds the number of living baby boomers. This has the potential for changing the US in a good way.

HippieChick58 9 Jan 22

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I have three millennial children, they're pissed off, smart, politically active, and they vote.


Well alrighty....


I sure hope so.


Unless they're honest and running for office, I don't see anything changing any time soon lol

maybe they know someone who is though

Many of them are running for office, and many are politically active and pissed off!


Blocs of voters and other "groups" are statistical "targets" mostly by high priced pollsters, campaign consultancies and cynical dishonest politicians.... I agree that folks under 30 are more tech savvy and voting with their feet more than other groups in a good way alright


Curious times we live in... we can hope for positive change, we may get an indication on 11/6/2018. The current crop of political leadership (too few exceptions) is cause for all generations to have concerns for the future of our democracy.
As bad as the Nixon era was, we, the country survived... I didn’t feel as divided as a country as I do now. Did racism get (partially) covered up in the following years, become emboldened in the trump era... ???
If you were born 3/4 years before the official baby boomer era, what are you called... beside “old”... or dirt... and I mean that in the nicest possible way. (jajaja)

Tomas Level 7 Jan 22, 2018

I think that the racists find comfort in Trump and feel they can crawl out from under their rocks now and spew their toxic views freely. 😟 I see the divisions and it makes me sad. I knew trump would bring the wrong kinds of change to our nation. The bright side is that most are awake to his poison. I think we may find a few more at the polls in coming elections. We can no longer as a nation afford to be passive and think that the right to vote doesn't matter.


As an old baby boomer myself, I feel like we were the generation of peace and change, but everyone became conservative as they got older...big drag..

agreed too many hippies put their tie dyes in the closet and put on suits for investing, hustling and joining the cheater class exploiting the people who need the most help and most sadly, the wars escalated from Panama to opium poppy fields of Afghanistan, people just cannot count to 3 pretending 2 airplanes melted 3 WTC towers.... no peace exists as long as ExxonMobile is in charge of USA spies and war crime drones killing women and children in many countries


Now I'm confident that we baby boomers might have a bit more individual recognition. I never did really feel like I boomed. Hope you young men and women make the effort to be knowledgeable. But you'll have to take a break from texting. lol


We must be near that point in the UK, too - and it'll be good news for us too, especially as a lot of them seem to be interested in voting.

Jnei Level 8 Jan 22, 2018

I hope they actually vote though

yes maam


YES! They are curious this new group! They do not follow blindly and I love that about them!

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