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What do you all feel about kneeling for the flag? I don't know why but its become a major topic on facebook in the U.K.

By jacpod8
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I am in the U.S. and I dont' think you can say we are really free if you don't have a choice.

I am all for honoring one's country, as logn as one's country is acting honorably. Not everyone here believes it is. Kneeling instead of standing is a peaceful way of showing that. If the country's officials want everyone to hoor the country and its flag, then they shoudl behave honorably when they act in the country's name.


I think society should address the reason behind the kneeling instead of being offended by the kneeling. I don't find the protest offensive at all but people's reaction to it is.

Paracosm Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

For me, it's a sincere and thought-out move on the part of those who support civil rights and want to focus on the way we continue to express tribal differences. Treatment of blacks by some law enforcement people is abominable and we must support those who want to turn a light on it! (This comes from someone who grew up in a military family and whose father died in service to this country.)


Haven't we done this dance long enough?


I don't know whether any good has come from the protest or whether it has increased awareness like the protesters hoped, but I support the right of anyone to peaceably protest. Kneeling is about the most respectful way I can think of to protest an aspect of the country while showing reverence for the country at the same time. It's not a protest against veterans or against the military or against the country as a whole, but is for a specific issue.

resserts Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

land of the free surly


We used to have to stand for 'god save the queen' in cinemas at the end of each viewing people gave you 'bad eyes' for trying to get out smartish maybe leaving just before the credits - I am so glad they stopped that not everyone is in favour of the monarchy and it used to be a free country. not sure who owns us now.

jacpod Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

I'm fucked if I would


No one is really kneeling for the flag.

Byrdsfan Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

Rituals - all of them, religious, nationalistic and paid advertising - that precede public events should be for those who wish to participate and be arranged at an earlier announced time than the events' announced times.

Long before this knee business, I was advocating it. People who attend, and especially those PAYING TO ATTEND, ought to have the choice of whether they wish to be subjected to sitting through rituals wanted by only some.

Anyone paying to see a movie should be able to arrive at 'screening time', after trailers and commercial ads. The same goes for athletic events and less so with civic events but still desirable. It is NOT an unreasonable request but reason and our society are often at odds..

That said, actors, singers, players and all other employees of businesses, profit and non, should keep their religious and nationalistic personal beliefs and attitudes separate from professional services when deemed necessary by employers. It ALWAYS reflects on employers image and affects business viability. Athletes and entertainers are not a privileged class of worker. Outside their directly paid/contracted services or where contracts permit such things we are all entirely free to express any damned thing we wish.


I have seen combat veterans do this on occasion. Think that they are into religion and hold their deity with the same as they do for the love of country.

azzow2 Level 9 Sep 9, 2018

The do it to show respect to the fallen


It's a distraction that has gone way to far. Dumbest thing ever! So much energy and wasted breath on nothing. People are stupid.

I don't think so. That so many people are upset about a lack of blind obedience to those in power shows that the protest is very effective.

@snytiger6 sure, effective at showing how racist this country still is.

@Deanervin You have to face up to a problem before you can solve it.

@snytiger6 of course. And I'd like to address that and many other ills of society.

@Deanervin BTW, I do agree with you that most people are basically stupid. Teh average IQ is only 100 points, ans soabout half the population scores lower than that. Factor in willful ignorance and the stupidity factor far exceeds 50%.


I have absolutely no problem with kneeling for the National Anthem.


I will kneel, and it will likely kill my knees. But I feel strongly enough about it that I will do so gladly.

HC...let's kneel together. Then, you and I can help one another stand! smile001.gif

@LucyLoohoo LOL!! Yes! It's a deal!

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