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I just checked my points, I'm almost halfway to level 8. It seems to have taken 3 months for me to accumulate the first 10,000 points, and only 2 weeks or so to rack up the next 10,000+. Wow.

Infoguy211 8 Sep 9

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Got the shirt today & the pen. It is the journey not the destination. It was & is fun just to be here.....mostly.


To get from Level 7 to 8, you must go from 10,000 points to 50,000.

To learn about levels and how to increase your points:

1.Click on "About" above. From there, click on "FAQ" (frequently asked questions.)

  1. In the middle of the page, look for "How are levels determined?"

  2. In the middle of that paragraph, click on the blue "Levels Page" link.

It's a long slog of writing posts, commenting and clicking "like."

  • So close, yet so far away......*

to go from 8 to 9 is 50,000 to 200,000. I am at 8.8. To to from 9 to 10 is 800,000 points. I was averaging 640 points a day. The math made me cry.

Easy to post links or memes. That is how some point whores ply their trade.


The longer I belonged to the group-I joined up to 20 groups and posted in them.


And level 8 lasts almost forever! And level 9, OMG.

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