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I have just received my Agnostics Tshirt and pen in the mail this morning. I will get a photo taken wearing it asap and post it! Can’t wait to hear what my friends say when they see me wear it. I bet it will be a conversation stopper!

Marionville 9 Sep 10

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Awesome!!! I still have over 23000 points to go. I may need to whore myself out again because I want the damned T-shirt!!! I might promise to have a pic taken with just the T-shirt on. Just kidding!!! Looking forward to your pics.

Just keep posting and we’ll keep liking and you’ll be there before you know it! Don’t be making rash promises though!! ?

I think that's a wonderful idea, pet.?

If you want one so badly, why don't you just buy one from the store?

@Heraclitus That’s not the point. I want to earn one from my efforts.

@JeremyTaylor I appreciate the support, Sir.


I didn't know level 8 was a tee shirt! I now have a goal! 🙂

Holli Level 6 Sep 10, 2018

Buy it. ($15)

@tfg1929 Nope. A goal and 'fork over money' are different things.

@tfg1929 I thought we had to reach 8, then we will get the free one and can buy others. Am I wrong?

@sweetcharlotte Rather sure you can buy one at any level. . .

@NoMagicCookie But...where is the fun in that? If you can buy your way out of accomplishments, what have you done? Also, I do believe there are magic cookies. Double stuff Oreo, for one. 🙂

@Holli Magic cookie is in reference to the children’s book “Alexander and the Magic Mouse.” In this story a feared character places himself in danger in an attempt to save those who fear and ridicule him. In so doing the main character falls ill and while on death’s bed is saved by a magic mouse who offers him a magic cookie so he could be recognized as a hero for saving many lives with his act of selfless benevolence.


Huge congratulations...this is truly there is a level 8 in the South and a level 8 in the North!

A great thing for the Island of Ireland! ??

A United Ireland! Ha ha! And without a bullet or a bomb! ?




I got to level 8 at the beginning of September..but still no sign of my T-shirt ???

@Hitchens I think it has taken about a fortnight since I filled out my details.


Yea...I expect I will receive it next week probably. ?


Or a conversation starter. Congratulations ! Wear it with pride.

Thanks I certainly intend to.


Congratulations and well done!

Thank so much,


Looking forward to your post and photos

Thanks...will get my son to take my photo when I see him.



Thanks, I’ve just tried on the Tshirt, it looks great!


Well done. I still have 3000+ to go.

Keep posting and I will help you...!

@Marionville Thank you. 😀

Here, have some points.

@Sticks48 Your so kind 😀



Well done to you too!


The threshold is so high, I gave up. I can always buy a really cool Atheist T-shirt.

Don’t give up, it didn’t take me long to reach 8. I only joined Agnostics in June.

@Marionville I have other things to do.



Thanks so much,


Congratulations Marje. How did you do it so fast. Seems like you just became a member. I joined last November and still stuck in the 7's.

I think since I started posting a couple of pieces of music each day in separate groups I have shot up quickly. I also post 1 Quote and 1 Unusual Word each day in these groups too. Why don’t you join them?

@Marionville I did join many groups when I first started. I must not know what to do with a group. That recent love story I posted went nowhere when I posted it in one of those groups. So I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

@sweetcharlotte just keep going, you will get there.


You will soon learn the difference between friends and losers.

My friends already know my views, but it will certainly raise eyebrows!


Don't think I'll ever get there, but I love this site so much, it does not matter...

You can always buy one for $15.

Yes you will, I have only been here since June.


Good on you!

You’ll be there soon too!


I need to get one of those!

Keep posting and replying and you will.


Congratulations on Level 8

Thank you, ?



If I ever reach level 8, I will wear that shirt every week till it (or I) die/s. Be great for the weight room at the YMCA. (Young Men's Christian Association)

You’ll soon be there.


You get presents here? Cool!

Della Level 6 Sep 12, 2018

Yes when you reach level 8 you get a pen and a Tshirt.


Ireland has more non-religious people than the US by far, so likely the comments will be positive.

I really don’t think so....I live in Northern Ireland the UK’s Bible Belt. Everyone here goes to some church or other. I suspect most of the Catholics are closet atheists, but most of the Protestants do believe in god, and a lot are raving lunatic evangelicals!

@Marionville Hmm..sounds like the US white evangelical base that voted Trump into office.

@birdingnut Yes, they are the ones propping up Teresa May’s Tory Party in UK. They are a bunch of religious bigots and are preventing this part of the UK enacting abortion and same sex marriage legislation.


You're clearly looking for attention - however, it may not always arrive in the manner you hoped.

No, I am not an attention seeker, I am much too old for that, but I do like to remind my Christian friends now and again that I don’t accept the things that they just take for God. Living here in Northern Ireland religion, Protestant or Catholic is presumed as the norm.

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